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Restaurant Offers Courses in ASL

A restaurant in Canada is giving customers a mini crash-course in American Sign Language, calling upon them to sign their order. The Toronto restaurant, called Signs, aims to serve delicious food in an environment where the deaf can work and dine using their own language and where the hearing can learn some ASL and a bit about the deaf...

Syrian Offers Russian in All High Schools

The Syrian government has decided to make Russian classes available in all high schools. The plans follow a visit from Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin last month. The news, announced by Former Russian Prime Minister Sergei Stepashin, will mean students from the seventh grade upwards will be offered a choice of French or Russian as modern foreign languages. According to...

Second Minnesota District Offers World Language Certificate

Rochester Public Schools is joining Minneapolis by offering seniors with bilingual ability the opportunity to earn a world language certificate that will count toward foreign language requirements in college and enhance their job prospects. About 80 different languages are spoken in the Rochester school district. District officials say they initially intend to make certificates available for five languages: Chinese, German,...
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