Teacher Education Selections

Language Magazine’s pick of innovative teacher training programs

American TESOL Institute Certificate
American TESOL certification courses are designed to get you working as quickly as possible. Whether in a traditional classroom setting or online, TESOL courses and certification take from 80-200 hours. Following that, ATI also supports with job placements. The demand for English teachers with TESOL certification is outstripping supply.
A popular option is to take TESOL courses online. For people who live in remote locations or who work during the day, the option of learning at home is always welcome. Once you complete the certification, you will be knowledgeable in the theories of TESOL, and be able to present a lesson plan in the classroom.
Teaching English abroad is the experience of a lifetime. Recent graduates, people changing careers, or people contemplating a few more years of working before retirement are all perfect candidates to take TESOL courses.

University of Arizona TEFL Certificate
The TEFL certificates at the University of Arizona are designed to prepare teachers who are interested in going abroad to teach English as a Foreign Language (EFL).

We offer two tracks to completing the minimum 100 hours required by most employers. The first is the 100-hour Full TEFL class that offers an intensive, face-to-face course with practicum at the University of Arizona. This course is offered twice every summer from June to July and July to August.

The other track is a combination of two online courses (the 50-hour Basic and the 50-hour Advanced), with a 20-hour practicum sandwiched between them for a total of 120 hours. Depending on your time, availability, and learning style, either track will help you reach your goal of teaching or tutoring English as a Foreign Language.

University of Maryland, Baltimore County
UMBC has been a leader in preparing TESOL teachers since 1979. Its instructional staff of Drs. JoAnn Crandall, Sarah Shin, John Nelson, Chuck Hodell, and Ron Schwatz are widely known in the field, both nationally and internationally. Today the program has more than 120 students in its MA, Certificate and Cohort programs. All of the program’s classes are offered online as well as face-to-face. Students can take courses on a full-time or part-time basis. For face-to-face students, classes are offered in the early evenings to accommodate students with professional obligations. Program options include taking an MSDE recognized certification internship, and also preparing a thesis by doing original research in the TESOL field.

Monterey Institute of International Studies
The Monterey Institute of International Studies offers one of the top programs in the U.S. for preparing language educators. The MATESOL and MA in Teaching a Foreign Language (TFL) programs feature an applied creative curriculum that is distinguished for its solid foundation in the fields of linguistics, language pedagogy, and applied linguistics research. This curriculum is combined with practical experience, a collaborative academic community, and strong career development, ensuring that our graduates are well prepared for international careers as language teachers, curriculum developers, language program administrators, and teacher trainers.

The expert faculty serve as leaders on local, national, or international language teaching organization boards and committees, while sharing their expertise with students. The optional certificate programs in Language Program Administration (LPA), Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL), TESOL or TFL give students the unique opportunity to gain additional skills and expertise that set them apart in the professional world.

Pepperdine University
Advancing your education and subsequent career in teaching English learners is even more attainable now that Pepperdine University offers a master’s degree in this specialized field. At Pepperdine’s nationally recognized Graduate School of Education and Psychology, candidates can earn a M.A. in Education: Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) — in just one year.

Pepperdine’s TESOL program convenes at the Irvine Graduate Campus location in Orange County, and begins a new cohort each fall.

The TESOL program is designed as a cohort model comprised of around 20 seasoned professionals. Students in the program benefit not only from the small class sizes and close, personal interaction with faculty, but also from a shared learning experience. Furthermore, students gain a built in professional network of a like-minded peers. In a challenging economy, education and networking prove to be the golden keys that open locked doors; job seekers benefit from having both in their arsenal.

School for International Training (SIT)
SIT Graduate Institute offers internationally focused master’s degrees, certificates, and professional development programs in the fields of conflict transformation, international education, sustainable development, and TESOL. Founded over 40 years ago as a training center for early Peace Corps volunteers, SIT Graduate Institute’s flexible full-time and low-residency programs are based on an experiential learning model and a commitment to social justice and intercultural communication.

Shenandoah University
Shenandoah offers programs of study leading to a graduate degree (MS Ed TESOL) and certificates in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Drawing on best practices for online distance teacher education, our program serves those students seeking professional development and who now (or hope in the future to) work in English language teaching worldwide in a variety of programs in K-12, university or college level and adult education programs.