November 2007

November 2007 Cover
November 2007 Cover


The World as We Speak
Our forum for changes in world languages

Harvesting Help
Lori Langer de Ramírez shares her school district’s way of inspiring students to not only love languages but also teach them

Providing a Direction for Learning
Kathleen Flynn, Jane Hill, and Cynthia Bjork explain how mainstream teachers can incorporate language objectives into content area lessons to help ELLs advance

Construct-ive Language Learning
Sean Patrick Marshall describes how the famed Defense Language Institute manages to efficiently teach some of the world’s more obscure languages during a complete makeover

Regional Spanish
Jerome Handek samples the delights of learning Spanish in two of its most dynamic regions

German Immersion
Willy Piñón heads to Europe to see what Germany has to offer to the German learner

Can’t Beat German Engineering
Melanie and Darius Fischler test drive top-of-the-range programs for German

Technology is a Universal Language
Georges Detiveaux describes how a vocational
Texan college has embraced digital language learning


Last Writes
Richard Lederer


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