Year Planner


1—Clute Inst Intl Conf on Education Maui, HI
2— South Asian Literary Assn Philadelphia, PA
4— Student Org of Linguistics in Europe Leipzig, Germany
5— Linguistic Soc of America Austin, TX
Modern Language Assn Philadelphia, PA
Intl Conf on Culture, Knowledge and Soc Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
American Name Soc Austin, TX
Soc for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics Austin, TX
Soc for the Study of the Indigenous Langs of the Americas Austin, T
CogLing7 Nijmegen, Netherlands
7— Special Interest Group of Korean Assn of Teachers of English Seol, South Korea
9— Semantic Textual Similarity Seol, South Korea
12— TELIC 2017 Stuggart, Germany
13— LA Foreign Lang Teachers’ Assn http:// Lafayette, LA
16— Languages, Literature, and Soc Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
19— Symposium on Language and Social Interaction Groningen, Netherlands
Foreign Lang Teaching and App Lings London, UK
20— Corpora in the Digital Humanities Bloomington, IN
ThaiTESOL Bangkok, Thailand
21— Language, Education, Humanities and Innovation Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
23—Computational Linguistics for Uralic Languages St. Petersburg, Russia
NileTESOL Cairo, Egypt
25—Assoc Italiana di Scienze della Voce SIG Pisa, Italy
Assn of Young Researchers on Anglophone Studies Barcelona, Spain
From Language Mixing to Fused Lects Freiburg, Germany
26—Foreign Language Teaching, Learning and Multilingualism Sydney, Australia
FASP Grenoble, France
App Lings and Lang Ed Innsbruck, Austria
27—AMTESOL Hattiesburg, MS
AZTESOL SE Regional Tucson, AZ
Bilingualism in the Hispanic and Lusophone World Tallahassee, FL
28— Linguistics in India Kolkata, India
30— Semantic Computing San Diego, CA
20— Treebanks and Linguistic Theories Bloomington, IN
23—Workshop on the Languages of Papua Manokwari, Indonesia
25—Workshop: Crosslinguistic Pragmatics Berlin, Germany
26—Workshop: Diachronic morphology: theoretical, areal, and phylogenetic perspectives Zurich, Switzerland
Workshop: Dative structures Barcelona, Spain
1—Youth for Understanding C.R. Bard, Inc.
Youth for Understanding Mazda Canada Inc. Scholarship
National Education Assn Student Achievement Grants
National Education Assn Learning & Leadership Grants
15—Youth for Understanding Chevron Corporation Scholarship
Youth for Understanding Epson America, Inc. Intl Scholarship
ILA Teacher as Researcher Grant
Intl Literacy Assn Children’s and Young Adults’ Book Awards’s-and-young-adults’-book-awards
Intl Literacy Assn Dina Feitelson Research Award
Intl Literacy Assn Erwin Zolt Curriculum Excellence Award
Intl Literacy Assn Esther Zolt Academic Research Grant
Intl Literacy Assn Esther Zolt Teacher Research Grant
Intl Literacy Assn Helen M. Robinson Grant
Intl Literacy Assn Jeanne S. Chall Research Fellowship
Intl Literacy Assn Jerry Johns Outstanding Teacher Educator in Reading Award
Intl Literacy Assn Maryann Manning Outstanding Volunteer Service Award
Intl Literacy Assn Nila Banton Smith Award
Intl Literacy Assn Outstanding Dissertation of the Year Award Application
Intl Literacy Assn Regie Routman Teacher Recognition Grant
Intl Literacy Assn Special Service Award
Intl Literacy Assn Steven A. Stahl Research Grant
Intl Literacy Assn Teacher as Researcher Grant Proposal
Intl Literacy Assn Technology and Literacy Award
Intl Literacy Assn William S. Gray Award
31—Boren Fellowship
Youth for Understanding Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc.

27—Family Literacy Day


2—The Intl Conf on Current Issues of Languages, Dialects and Linguistics Ahwaz, Iran
The Intl Conf on Current Issues of Arabic Language Teaching and Learning, Literature and Translation Ahwaz, Iran
The Third National Conf on Current Issues of English Language Teaching and Learning, Literature, Translation and Linguistics Ahwaz/Kouzestan, Iran
The Companion Language of the Empire? Formal and Informal Spaces of the Portuguese Language Viterbo, Italy
AATSEEL Conf San Francisco, CA
Language Teacher Education for a World on the Move: Meeting the Needs of Diverse Student Population Los Angeles, CA
3—The 43rd annual meeting of the Berkeley Linguistics Soc Berkeley, CA

CTA 2017 Good Teaching Conf (North) San Jose, CA
AWLA Annual Conf 2017 Auburn, AL
4—Thirty-First AAAI Conf on Artificial Intelligence San Francisco, CA
6— 5th Intl Graduate Student Conf on Diverse Approaches to Linguistics Tel Aviv, Israel
7—Retranslation in context 3 Gent, Belgium
8—Communication & Cognition 2017: Miscommunication – Getting Lost in Language(s) Fribourg, Switzerland
Hebrew and Aramaic in the Middle Ages: Language Studies and Grammatical Thought Jerusalem, Israel
Variation in Language Acquisition 3 Salzburg, Austria
9—Contradiction Studies: Mapping the Field
Inaugural Conf on Concepts of Contradiction in the Humanities Bremen, Germany
102nd Annual Meeting h Orem, UT
10—2017 CLIC Conf on Study Abroad: Understanding the Study Abroad Experience7 h Houston, TX
Diversity and Variation in Language Conf h Atlanta, GA
(Re)Defining Disciplinary Conversations Tempe, AZ
LEAD Conf Chicago, IL
11—Spanish Linguistics in North Carolina Raleigh, NC
15—South Carolina Foreign Language Teachers’ Assn Conf Lexington, SC
38th Annual Southwest Popular/American Culture Assn Conf Albuquerque, NM
IGG 43 – 43rd Incontro di Grammatica Generativa Pavia, Italy
Fluency and Disfluency across Languages and Language Varieties Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
16—4th National Symposium on SPANISH as a HERITAGE LANGUAGE h Irvine, CA
5th Intl Symposium on History of English Lexicography and Lexicology Zurich, Switzerland
The 43rd Incontro di Grammatica Generativa (IGG, Generative Grammar Meeting) Pavia, Italy
The 16th East-West Center Intl Graduate Student Conf Honolulu, HI
17—2nd Conf on Indonesian Language, Literature and Culture Poznań, Poland
Texas Language Education Research Conf 2017 San Antonio, TX
University of Alabama Languages Conf Tuscaloosa, AL
Speaking the Unspeakable: A Conversation on Colorblindness, Racism, and Antiracism Tempe, AZ
18—OSU DSEELC Linguistics Symposium: Language Away From the Homeland Columbus, OH
Hawai‘i TESOL: Multilingualism & ESL h Hilo, Hawai’i (Big Island), HI
13th Annual CamTESOL Conf of English Language Teaching Phnom Penh, Cambodia
19—Intlization through Difference: Transcending Boundaries Washington, DC
20—GLOW in Asia XI Singapore
Old World Conf on Phonology 14 Düsseldorf, Germany
OCP 14 Düsseldorf, Germany
10th Intl Conf on Learning, Education and Pedagogy (LEAP 2017) Dubai, UAE
21—2017 The 4th Intl Conf on Education and Social Sciences Singapore
22—Language Contact Between Breton and French in the Middle Ages Los Angeles, CA
23—XVII Conf of Italian Assoc. of Applied Linguistics – Using Second Languages Naples, Italy
Together Berlin, Germany
Reading for the Love of It: 2017 Annual Language Arts Conf Toronto, Canada
Spring Conf Loveland, CO
24—ITBE’s 43rd Annual Convention Meeting the Challenge Naperville, IL
The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages – how do we deal with its gaps? Bremen, Germany
Nepal English Language Teachers’ Assn 22nd Intl Conf Nepal
13th LIMES Colloquium Vienna, Austria
Deutsch als Fremdsprache: Erfahrungen, Praxis, Zukunft San Juan, Puerto Rico
DECTFL Conf Dover, DE
Special Session on Partiality, Underspecification, and Natural Language Processing Porto, Portugal
18th Intl Conf  on Turkish Linguistics Adana, Turkey
25—The 5th Annual IEP Mini-Conf Kennesaw, GA
28th Annual Spokane Regional ESL Conf Spokane, WA
23rd Annual Graduate Linguistics/TESOL Symposium Tempe, AZ
26—Intl & National Conf on Language, Kultura and the Integration of Technology, Philippines
“Educating for Change” Dubai, UAE
ICSST 2017 : 19th Intl Conf on Speech Science and Technology Barcelona, Spain
28—LocWorld35 Shenzen, China
TBA—English Teachers’ Assn of Israel TBC, TBC
16—2nd Intonation Workshop Toronto, Canada
17—CSLI Workshop: Bridging computational and psycholinguistic approaches to the study of meaning Stanford, CA
20—Workshop on Anaphora Resolution in Sign and Spoken Languages Goettingen, Germany
23—Co-Distributivity Workshop 2017 Paris, France
24—2017 Debrecen Workshop on Pronouns Decebren, Hungary
1—School Year Abroad Merit Scholarship Program
School Year Abroad Halsey Scholarship Program
AATF Dorothy S. Ludwig Excellence in Teaching Awards
7—100&Change Capacity Assessment
9—Boren Scholarship
NSLI For Youth Medical Evaluation Forms
15—Käthe Wilson Scholarship
AATF Exemplary Programs
24—GAR’s Educator Initiative Grant (EIG) Program

16—Language Advocacy Day & Delegate Assembly
21—Intl Mother Language Day 2017



1—46th Annual Meeting of the Society for Cross-Cultural Research New Orleans, LA
Community and Continuity Los Angeles, CA
2—5th Intl Conf on Language Documentation & Conservation Honolulu, HI
Language In Focus – Multiple Perceptual Frames on ELT and SLA Famagusta, Cyprus
SWCOLT/OFTLA Conf Oklahoma City, OK
NYSABE 2017 Conf: Families, Practitioners, Partners, and Policymakers: Fulfilling the Promise of Bilingual Education Together White Plains, NY
3—Evolving & Involving Elche, Spain
Purdue Languages and Cultures Conf West Lafayette, IN
FLAG Annual Conf: “Innovation and Inspiration: Language Learning in the World” Atlanta, GA
Emirates Airline Festival of Literature Dubai, UAE
4—Formal Approaches to South Asian Languages 7 Cambridge, MA
CATESOL Los Angeles Regional Conf Walnut, CA
6—11th Intl Conf on Language and Automata Theory and Applications Umeå, Sweden
Encounters in Language and Aging Research Berlin, Germany
7—An den Grenzen der Pragmatik [Boundaries of Pragmatics] Saarbrücken, Germany
8—39th Annual Meeting of the DGfS (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft) Saarbrücken, Germany
84th Southeastern Conf on Linguistics Charleston, SC
8th Intl Conf of the Iberian Assn of Translation and Interpreting Alcalá de Henares, Spain
Elicitation Methods in Multilingualism Research Münster, Germany
9—1st Intl Conf on Berber Linguistics Paris, France
The 1st Worldwide Neurolanguage Coaching Conf Mainz, Germany
Flame Annual Conf Portland, ME
2017 TNTESOL Conf RESPECT: Bridging Languages, Academics and Communities Memphis, TN
TESOL Arabia Conf 2017: Advancing the ELT Position Dubai, UAE
10—1st Intl Conf on Theoretical East Asian Psycholinguistics Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Georgetown University Round Table on Languages and Linguistics Washington, DC
Language Contact and Language Change in Western Asia Frankfurt, Germany
Michigan Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters 2017 Conf Alma, MI
GURT2017: Variable Properties: Their Nature and Acquisition Washington, DC
11—Western Interdisciplinary Student Symposium on Language Research London, Canada
12—Intl Academic Conf on Business San Diego, CA
Intl Conf on Education San Diego, CA
Media Literacy in Foreign Language Education: Digital and Multimodal Perspectives Munich, Germany
Translation 4.0: Translation in the Digital Age Leipzig, Germany
13—Bridging the Gaps: Strategic Communication and Mega Crises Orlando, FL
Dimensions of Language Education: Policy, Perspectives, Practice Singapore, Singapore
14—40th Generative Linguistics in the Old World Leiden, Netherlands
Digital Humanities in the Nordic Countries 2nd Conf Gothenburg, Sweden
15—The Familiar and the Exotic in Language and Literature: The Politics of Perception and Representation New Delhi, India
Rencontres FLORAL – Accessibilité, représentations et analyses des données Orléans, France
XXXIII Forum Junge Romanistik Göttingen, Germany
16—SCOLT 2017 Conf: Languages: Your Global Fast Pass Orlando, FL
Forging Linguistic Identities Towson, MD
Fourth Intl Conf on Language Contact in Times of Globalization Greifswald, Germany
Multilingualism in Society, Politics and Education Freiburg im Breisgau, Germany
XXXIe édition des Journées de linguistique Quebec, Canada
17—A Germanic Sandwich 2017 Münster, Germany
CTA 2017 Good Teaching Conf (South) Garden Grove, CA
Keeping it Practical Athens, Greece
18—American Assn for Applied Linguistics 2017 Conf Portland, Oregon
21—Intl Convention & English Language Expo Seattle, WA
TESOL 2017 Intl Convention & English Language Expo Seattle, WA
Language and the space of ethnocultural dialogue St. Petersburg, Russia
23—Language, Mobility and Belonging Conf Oxford, United Kingdom
Representations of Language Attrition and Loss in Film, Literature, and Popular Culture Baltimore, MD
Tandem Language and Intercultural Learning in Higher or Secondary Education Settings–388713.kjsp Paris, France
24—25th Annual HUPE Conf Šibenik, Croatia
41st Penn Linguistics Conf Philadelphia, PA
Le français, ça march! Noordwijkerhout, Netherlands
The Magic of Innovation: New Dimensions in Linguistics and Foreign Language Teaching Moscow, Russia
The Translation and Localization Conf 2017 Warsaw, Poland
Language World 2017 – Progress for ALL Nottingham, United Kingdom
25—6th Annual Southern New England Conf for Dual Language Programs Worcester, MA
5th NTU Postgraduate Conf on Teaching Chinese as a Second Language Taipei, Taiwan
English Language and Anglophone Literatures Today 4 Novi Sad, Serbia
The Second Asia Pacific Virtual Exchange Assn Conf Princeton, NJ
6th Intl Conf on Language, Medias and Culture Kyoto, Japan
26—The Asian Conf on Education & Intl Development 2017 Kobe, Japan
27—Phylogenetic Methods in Historical Linguistics Tuebingen, Germany
28—Arabic Language Teaching & Learning in UK Higher Education Leeds, United Kingdom
3rd Annual Hispanic & Luso-Brazilian Linguistics Conf - Tempe, AZ
20th Conf on Conversation and Discourse Analysis Mannheim, Germany
29—XXI Congreso de la Asociación Alemana de Hispanistas – 21. Deutscher Hispanistentag Munich, Germany
19th Intl Conf on Evolution of Language Singapore, Singapore
CABE 2017 Anaheim, CA
30—30th Annual CUNY Conf on Human Sentence Processing Cambridge, MA
31st Annual Symposium on Arabic Linguistics Norman, OK
48th Annual Conf on African Linguistics Bloomington, IN
Language Ideologies in the Spanish-Speaking World Context Southampton, United Kingdom
Look Both Ways: Narrative & Metaphor in Education Amsterdam, Netherlands
Metadiscourse Across Genres: Mapping out interactions in spoken and written discourse Güzelyurt, Cyprus
OFLA Annual Conf Columbus, OH
CEA 48th Annual Conf Hilton Head Island, SC
31—Illinois Language and Linguistics Society Annual Conf Urbana-Champaign, IL
23rd Intl Symposium on Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Thessaloniki, Greece
Learner Corpus Based Approaches to Second Language Acquisition Utrecht, Netherlands
FLENJ Annual Conf Iselin, NJ

1—18th Szklarska Poreba Workshop Szklarska Poreba, Poland
3—4th Attentive Listener in the Visual World (AttLis) Workshop Goa, India
Workshop: Theoretical and Experimental Approaches to Presuppositions Genoa, Italy
4—Text & Context OTF Workshop 8 Oita, Japan
6—2nd Workshop on Computational Methods for Endangered Languages Honolulu, HI
9—Studies of Paradise: Where Language Meets Culture in the Pacific Bern, Switzerland
16—Intl Seminar on Munda Linguistics Pune, India
19—Variation(slinguistik) trifft Text(linguistik) – CSF Workshop / GAL Research School Ascona, Switzerland
20—The Tasks of the Translator: Developing a Sociocultural Framework for the Study of Translation across the Early Modern World (15th-18th Centuries) St. Louis, MO
23—Assessing old assumptions. New insights on the dynamics of contact languages Glessen, Germany
29—9th Linguistic Landcape Intl Workshop: Movement and Immobilities Belval, Luxembourg
Formal Approaches to Russian Linguistics Moscow, Russia
30—Fourth (In)Coherence of discourse workshop Nancy, France

1—ASA Community Partnership Grants
AATF Small Grants Application
7—Benjamin A. Gilman Intl Scholarship Student
14—Benjamin A. Gilman Intl Scholarship Advisor
18—AATF Convention Travel Award Nomination

6—National Foreign Language Week
20—United Nations French Language Day



1—NYSAFLT Spring Conf
Poughkeepsie, NY
Hawai‘i Assn of Language Teachers 31st Spring Conf Honolulu, HI
3—VI Intl Conf on Hispanic Linguistics. Variation and identity Lisbon, Portugal
19th Intl Conf on Sociolinguistics, Discourse Analysis and Language Sciences Brisbane, Australia
4—IATEFL Intl Annual Conf & Exhibition Glasgow, United Kingdom
English Teachers’ Assn of Israel Tel Aviv, Israel
5—Trends in English Language/Linguistics & Literature in an African & Global Perspective Yaounde, Cameroon
Rhyme Celebration CT
6—11th Intl Symposium on Iconicity in Language and Literature Brighton, United Kingdom
14th Generative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition Conf Southampton, United Kingdom
26th Conf on Spanish in the U.S. & 11th Conf on Spanish in Contact Provo, UT
Culture and Cognition in Language Rzeszów, Poland
Historical Sociolinguistics Network 2017 New York, NY
Le roman graphique en langues romanes et germaniques Aix-en-Provence, France
MRA 48th Annual Conf Quincy, MA
iMean5 Conf Bristol, United Kingdom
Linguistic Society of the Philippines National Conf and General Meeting: “Nurturing Literacy and Learning through Language Research” Manila, Philippines
7—24th Austronesian Formal Linguistics Assn Conf Seattle, WA
10th Intl Conf “General and Specialist Translation/Interpretation: Theory, Methods, Practice” Kiev, Ukraine
Intl Symposium on Chinese in the Maritime Silk Road Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Enhancing and Advancing Teacher Education: Professional identities, communities, beliefs, and practices Fairfax, VA
8—Transgression and Transformation: Bodies, Language, Places Detroit, MI
Un-Conf Alexandria, LA
12—Language Variation and Change in the South of England Ipswich, United Kingdom
Popular Culture Assn & American Culture Assn 2017 Joint National Conf San Diego, CA
LSP Teaching and Specialized Translation Skills Training at Higher Education Institutions Moscow, Russia
13—Conf on Historical Linguistics of the Caucasus Paris, France
2017 ICBTS Intl Social Sciences Humanities and Education Research Conf Paris, France
14—Bogazici University School of Foreign Languages Towards Higher Education Conf Istanbul, Turkey
Symposium About Language and Society Austin, TX
17—Language, Music, and Computing St. Petersburg, Russia
18th Intl Conf on Intelligent Text Processing and Computational Linguistics Budapest, Hungary
19—1st Intl Conf on Revitalization of Indigenous and Minoritized Languages Barcelona, Spain
7th Intl Conf on Task-Based Language Teaching Barcelona, Spain
Thinking, Doing, Learning 3 Munich, Germany
XI Intl Congress of the Spanish Society for Linguistic Historiography Buenos Aires, Argentina
8th. Intl English Language Teaching Conf 2017 (iELT-Con 2017) George Town, Malaysia
20—2nd Intl Languages & Emotions Conf 2017 Katowice, Poland
47th Linguistic Symposium on Romance Languages Newark, DE
6th Intl Conf of the Scandinavian Assn for Language and Cognition Lund, Sweden
Germanic Linguistics Annual Conf 23 Austin, TX
Spanish Dialects Meeting Madrid, Spain
The Emergence of Standard English in Multilingual Britain Cambridge, United Kingdom
Kentucky Foreign Language Conf Lexington, KY
21—Michigan State Undergraduate Linguistics Conf East Lansing, MI
WABE Conf Yakima, WA
Second Language Acquisition Graduate Student Symposium Minneapolis, MN
22—10th Intl Spring Forum of the English Linguistic Society of Japan Tokyo, Japan
Canada Filmed Belgrade, Serbia
Great Lakes Expo for Experimental and Formal Undergraduate Linguistics East Lansing, MI
Spatial Boundaries and Transitions in Language and Interaction: 23—Linguistics and Geography Monte Verità, Switzerland
24—19th Intl Colloquium on Latin Linguistics Munich, Germany
26—2nd Intl Conf on Challenges in Foreign Language Sabzevar, Iran
3rd Intl Symposium on Figurative Thought and Language Osijek, Croatia
Asia-Pacific Language for Specific Purposes and Professional Communication Conf Wellington, New Zealand
Third Annual Hispanic Studies Conf Houston, TX
27—1st North American Conf in Iranian Linguistics Stony Brook, NY
7th Intl Young Researchers Conf: Studying and Teaching Philology Ulyanovsk, Russia
Across Borders VII: Cultures in Dialogue Tartu, Estonia
Gender and Genre in Translation Montreal, Canada
Linguistics Prague 2017 Prague, Czech Republic
44th Annual Conf: Partners in Educational Excellence Albuquerque, NM
28—35th West Coast Conf on Formal Linguistics Calgary, Canada
Lavender Languages and Linguistics 24 Nottingham, United Kingdom
European Academic Colloquium on Technical Communication 2017 Antwerp, Belgium
Henry Sweet Society for the History of Linguistics London, United Kingdom
Language, Literature, Space Niš, Serbia

3—Researching ELT History: A Hands-on Workshop Glasgow, Malta
4—EACL 2017 Student Research Workshop Valencia, Spain
6—Act of the Scribe: Interfaces between Scribal Work and Language Use Athens, Finland
19—4th Intl Workshop on Sound Change Edinburgh, United Kingdom
26—Workshop on Speech Perception and Production across the Lifespan London, United Kingdom
28—Boundaries in Empirical (Linguistic) Data Monte Verità, Switzerland

1—Youth for Understanding Community Grant Deadline
AATF Outstanding Chapter Officer Award Nomination Deadline
28—EducationUSA Academy at the University of Arkansas Application Deadline

20—United Nations Chinese Language Day
21—Global Youth Service Day
23—United Nations English Language Day


1—13th Nilo-Saharan Linguistics Colloquium 2017 Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
3—ALTE 6th Intl Conf – Learning and Assessment: Making the Connections Bologna, Italy
Abstraction, Diversity, and Speech Dynamics Ammersee near Munich, Germany
4—Approaches to Migration, Language, and Identity Lausanne, Switzerland
The Negative Existential Cycle from a Historical-Comparative Perspective Stockholm, Sweden
CamCoS 6 (Cambridge Comparative Syntax) Cambridge, United Kingdom
21th Intl Symposium on Malay-Indonesian Linguistics (ISMIL 21) Langkawi, Malaysia
5—6th Intl Colloquium of Latin American Studies in Olomouc (CIELO6). Immigration, Politics and Media: a Discourse Perspective Olomouc, Czech Republic
The 28th North American Conf on Chinese Linguistics Provo, UT
6—4th Intl Conf on Society, Education and Psychology Macau, China
10—11th Intl Conf on Translation and Interpreting: Justice and Minorized Languages in a Postmonolingual Order Castelló de la Plana, Spain
Control y escaladas de tensión políticas en los países de lengua románica: Política y cont Heidelberg, Germany
11—3rd Intl Scientific Conf: Teaching English in Professional Context Tambov, Russia
AICLU Conf 2017 Siena, Italy
Intl Conf on Multilingualism and Multilingual Education Braga, Portugal
Intersubjectivity in Action Helsinki, Finland
Southeast Asian Linguistics Society Padang, Indonesia
Ve congrès Intl de linguistique textuelle contrastive Genève, Switzerland
SSTESOL 2017 Know Your Players | Master Your Game West Palm Beach, FL
Literacy and Language in Action Dearborn, MI
The Asian Conf on Language Learning 2017 Kobe, Japan
12—PLIN Day 2017: Construction Grammar: New Advances in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Personal Identity through a Language Lens Lodz, Poland
Semantics and Linguistic Theory 27 College Park, MD
New Horizons in Language Teaching Kigali, Rwanda
14—52nd Intl Kalamazoo Congress on Medieval Studies Kalamazoo, MI
15—8th Lodz Symposium: New Developments in Linguistic Pragmatics Lodz, Poland
South Asian Languages Analysis Roundtable Poznan, Poland
16—The Computer Assisted Language Instruction Consortium Flagstaff, AZ
27th Colloquium on Generative Grammar
17—Formula: Units of Speech – ‘Words’ of Verbal Art, a multidisciplinary seminar-workshop Madrid, Spain
MultiMeDialecTranslation 7 – Dialect Translation in Multimedia Odense, Denmark
Día De Los Niños, Día De Los Libros 2017 Tempe, AZ
18—29th Intl Conf on Foreign/Second Language Acquisition Szczyrk, Poland
6th Edition of Journées d’Etudes Toulousaines (JéTou2017) Toulouse, France
6th Intl Symposium on the Languages of Java Semarang, Indonesia
Languages for Specific Purposes: Opportunities and Challenges of Teaching and Research Rimske Toplice, Slovenia
Speech Audio Archives: Preservation, Restoration, Annotation Rome, Italy
Translating Creolization Symposium 2 (TCS2) St. Michael, Barbados
GlobELT 2017 Conf: An Intl Conf on Teaching and Learning English as an Additional Language Ephesus, Turkey
ITI Conf 2017 Newcastle, United Kingdom
19—26th Meeting of Formal Approaches to Slavic Linguistics Urbana, IL
Neglected Aspects of Motion-Event Description Paris, France
Subjectivity in Language and Thought Chicago, IL
Leadership: We are the Voices of Bilingual Education WI Dells, WI
JALT PanSIG Conf Akita, Japan
21—IEEE Intl Conf on Communications Paris, France
22—NLP of Ancient and Other Low-resource Languages: Special Track at FLAIRS30 Marco Island, FL
21st Nordic Conf on Computational Linguistics Gothenburg, Sweden
23—14th Intl Conf on Teaching, Education and Learning (ICTEL) Lisbon, Portugal
24—38th Intl Computer Archive of Modern and Medieval English Prague, Czech Republic
13th Intl Conf on Linguistics and Language Research (ICLLR) Lisbon, Portugal
25—6th Intl Conf on the San-Antonio Series Craiova, Romania
Documentary Linguistics: Asian Perspectives 2 Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Intl Contrastive Linguistics Conf 8 Athens, Greece
Chicago Linguistic Society 53rd Annual Meeting Chicago, IL
25th Manchester Phonology Meeting Manchester, United Kingdom
26—62nd Annual Conf of the Intl Linguistic Assn Hong Kong, Hong Kong
27—Assn canadienne de linguistique | Canadian Linguistic Assn Toronto, Canada
29—Translation, Politics and Policies Toronto, Canada
30—Greimas Today: the Future of Structure – French Assn of Semiotics Conf Paris, France
31—10th Intl Conf on Middle English Stavanger, Norway
9th Intl Corpus Linguistics Conf 2017 Paris, France
AFLiCo 7 – Discourse, Cognition and Constructions: Implications and Applications Liège, Belgium
NJTESOL/NJBE 2017 Conf Framingham, MA
Spring Conf Engage and Empower ELL’s for Excellence New Brunswick, NJ
9th Intl Corpus Linguistics Conf 2017 (CILC17) Paris, France

6—Workshop on Multilingual Language Acquisition, Processing and Use Poznan, Poland
8—Workshop “Non-At-Issue Meaning and Information Structure” Oslo, Norway
12—20th Annual Workshop on American Indigenous Languages Santa Barbara, CA
18—Ecological cognition and metaphor Odense, Denmark
25—Workshop on Altaic Formal Linguistics 13 Tokyo, Japan
26—Workshop on the Old English Glosses to the Lindisfarne Gospels Tempe, AZ

5—Spring Intl Language Center at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville TEFL Certificate Program Application


1—Faces of English 2: Teaching and Researching Academic and Professional English Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Metaphor and Translation Toulon, France
2—Dynamics – Variation – System Münster, Germany
Studies in the History of the English Language 10 Lawrence, KS
The Semantics of Verbal Morphology in Under-Described Languages–juni-2017 Gothenburg, Sweden
3—17th Annual Conf (J-SLA2017) Hammatsu, Japan
4—Intl Academic Conf on Business Stockholm, Sweden
Intl Conf on Education Stockholm, Sweden
19th Intl Conf on Arabic Language York, NY
5—130. Jahresversammlung des Vereins für niederdeu tsche Sprachforschung Hannover, Germany
6—Intl Conf on Language Variation in Europe Málaga, Spain
7—GENESIS – Helsinki 2017: Creative Processes and Archives in Arts and Humanities Helsinki, Finland
19th Intl Conf on Teaching, Education & Learning (ICTEL) Rome, Italy
8—Celebrating Canada’s 150th Niagra Falls, Canada
Le corps et la voix dans l’enseignement-apprentissage des langues Paris, France
18th Intl Conf on Linguistics & Language Research (ICLLR) Rome, Italy
9—Dictionary Society of North America 21st Biennial Meeting Rockley, Barbados
Hate Speech: Definitions, Interpretations, Practices Nicosia, Cyprus
Intl Conf on Multimodal Communication Osnabrück, Germany
The Semantics of African, Asian and Austronesian Languages Gothenburg, Sweden
North Atlantic Conf on Afro-Asiatic Linguistics Leiden, Netherlands
10—The 11th Intl Conf of the Asian Assn for Lexicography Guangzhou, China
EducationUSA Academy at the University of Arkansas (Session Start) Fayetteville, AR
11—ISB11 is ‘Bilingualism, Multilingualism and the New Speaker’ Limerick, Ireland
ICIT 2017 : 19th Intl Conf on Interpreting and Translation Copenhagen, Denmark
12—ELF and Change: 10th Anniversary Conf of English as a Lingua Franca Helsinki, Finland
Phonetics and Phonology in Europe Cologne, Germany
13—Annual meeting of the Assn of Portuguese and Spanish Lexically-Based Creoles Stockholm, Sweden
14—LocWorld35 Barcelona, Spain
15th Intl Conf on Teaching, Education and Learning (ICTEL 2017) Singapore, Singapore
15—Intl Conf for PhD Candidates and PhDs Lyon, France
Intl Society for Language Studies: “Intersections of Peace and Language Studies” Honolulu, HI
14th Intl Conf on Linguistics and Language Research (ICLLR) Singapore, Singapore
16—29th North American Conf on Chinese Linguistics: Perspectives on the History, Geography, and Sociolinguistics of Chinese and Chinese Dialects New Bruswick, NJ
JALTCALL2017 Matsuyama, Japan
18—ACM SIGPLAN Conf on Programming Language Design and Implementation Barcelona, Spain
Bilingualism vs. Monolingualism: a New Perspective on Limitations to L2 Acquisition
19—First Workshop on Paradigmatic Word Formation Modeling Tolouse, France
20—2nd European Conf on Argumentation Fribourg, Switzerland
IALLT 2017 Moorhead, MN
21—6th Intl Conf on Historical News Discourse Sheffield, United Kingdom
Austronesian and Papuan Languages and Linguistics Paris, France
Experimental Pragmatics 2017 Cologne, Germany
Formal and Experimental Advances in Sign Language Theory Reykjavík, Iceland
Inernational Conf: “Subsidia: Tools and Resources for Speech Sciences” Málaga, Spain
Prescriptivism Conf 2017: Value(s) and Language Prescriptivism Park City, UT
Summer Inst CT
AVID Summer Institue Dallas, TX
16th Intl Conf on Teaching, Education & Learning (ICTEL) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
22—11th Mediterranean Morphology Meeting: “Morphological variation: synchrony and diachrony” Nicosia, Cyprus
3rd Doing Research in Applied Linguistics/19th English in South-East Asia Conf Bangkok, Thailand
9th Intl Conf on Discourse, Communication and the Enterprise Birmingham, United Kingdom
9th Intl Conf on Discourse, Communication and the Enterprise Brimingham, United Kingdom
15th Intl Conf on Linguistics & Language Research (ICLLR) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
23—Approaches to Phonology and Phonetics 2017 Lublin, Poland
45th AICDL & Intl Symposium on Case, Agreement and Postpositions (ISCAP) New Delhi, India
25—25th Annual Meeting of the Intl Assn of Chinese Linguistics Budapest, Hungary
173rd Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America and the 8th Forum Acusticum Boston, MA
26—80th NASC National Conf Manchester, NH
27—20th Meeting of the Intl Circle of Korean Linguistics in Helsinki Helsinki, Finland
28—21st Conf on Language for Specific Purposes: ‘’Interdisciplinary knowledge-making: challenges for LSP research’’ Bergen, Norway
Experimental Psycholinguistics Conf Menorca, Spain
(Zu)hören Munich, Germany
27th European Systemic Functional Linguistics Conf: Systemic Functional Linguistics at the Crossroads: Intercultural and Contrastive Descriptions of Language Salamanca, Spain
29—The European Conf on Language Learning 2017 Brighton, United Kingdom
30—22nd Conf of the Intl Assn for World Englishes Syracuse, NY
KATE 2017 Intl Conf TBA, TBA
Assessing Second Language Writing Bangkok, Thailand

3—The 11th Intl Workshop on Theoretical East Asian Linguistics (TEAL-11) Taipei, Taiwan
19—Summer Meeting of the Society for Pidgin and Creole Linguistics Tolouse, France
26—Assessment in a Proficiency-Based Language Classroom East Lansing, MI
29—Increasing Proficiency Through World Language Core Practices (Section 1) East Lansing, MI
30—Reaching 21st Century Learners Through Unit Design (Section 1) East Lansing, MI

1—National Education Assn Student Achievement Grants
National Education Assn Learning & Leadership Grants
7—100&Change Report Response Begins

6—United Nations Russian Language Day


2—2nd GEN TEFL Intl Conf: “Rethinking ELT in the age of Ubiquitous Technology” Bangkok, Thailand
3—2nd Intl Conf on Discourse Approaches to Financial Communication Building Lugano, Switzerland
10th Annual Intl Conf on Languages & Linguistics Athens, Greece
AATF Annual Convention Austin, TX
5th Intl Biennial Conf on the Diachrony of English Tours, France
Language Endangerment: Language Contact and Language Change Cambridge, United Kingdom
English Teachers’ Association of Israel Ashkelon, Isrrael
5—23rd Himalayan Languages Symposium Assam, India
English: Shared Futures Newcastle, United Kingdom
3rd Intl Colloquium on Languages, Cultures, Identity in School and Society Los Angeles, CA
Conflicting Ideologies and Cultural Mediation-Hearing, Interpreting, Translating Global Voices London, United Kingdom
6—American Comparative Literature Assn’s 2017 Annual Meeting Utrecht, Netherlands
Building a Pipeline from Classroom to Career Chicago, IL
7—DN19: Discourse, Knowledge and Practice in Society Bucharest, Romania
8—LILA ‘17 Linguistic and Language Conf Istanbul, Turkey
Spring Intl Language Center at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville TEFL Certificate Program Start Fayetteville, AR
9—National Principals Conf Philadelphia, PA
10—10th Conf On Oceanic Linguistics Honiara, Solomon Islands
13th Biennial Conf of the Intl Assn of Forensic Linguists Porto, Portugal
14th Intl Cognitive Linguistics Conf Tartu, Estonia
The National Conf on Differentiated Instruction Las Vegas, NV
44th Intl Systemic Functional Linguistics Congress Wollongong, Australia
12—17th Intl Conf on Teaching, Education & Learning (ICTEL) ly-2017-bali-indonesia-about-32 Bali, Indonesia
13—The 15th Intl Asia TEFL & 64th TEFLIN Conf Yogyakarta, Indonesia
16th Intl Conf on Linguistics & Language Research (ICLLR) Bali, Indonesia
16—15th Intl Pragmatics Conf: Pragmatics in the Real World Belfast, United Kingdom
American Assn of Teachers of French St. Louis, MO
17—14th Intl Congress for the Study of Child Language: ‘’First language acquisition in a lifespan perspective’’ Lyon, France
19—37th Annual Conf of the Poetics And Linguistics Association
18th Intl Conf on Teaching, Education & Learning (ICTEL) Bangkok, Thailand
20—Global Literacies, Global Conversations: Celebrating Our Connections Tucson, AZ
17th Intl Conf on Linguistics & Language Research (ICLLR) Bangkok, Thailand
23—AILA 2017: The 18th World Congress of Applied Linguistics Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
24—History of the Spanish Language in the Americas Bogotá, Colombia
XVIII Congreso Internacional de ALFAL Bogotá, Colombia
30—Intl Academic Conf on Business New York, NY
Intl Conf on Education New York, NY
Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics Vancouver, Canada
Intl Conf on Historical Linguistics 23 San Antonio, TX
31—XVI. Internationale Tagung der Deutschlehrerinnen und Deutschlehrer Fribourg, Switzerland

5—AVID Summer Inst Anaheim, CA
2017 Linguistics Institute: Language Across Space & Time Lexington, KY
10—AVID Summer Institute Sacramento, CA
Using the Web for Communicative Language Learning Minneapolis, MN
Developing Assessments for the Second Language Classroom Minneapolis, MN
Teaching Heritage Languages and Learners Minneapolis, MN
Creativity in the Language Classroom Minneapolis, MN
Immersion 101: An Intro to Immersion Teaching Minneapolis, MN
12—AVID Summer Institute San Antonio, TX
17—Using Technology in Second Language Teaching —ONLINE OPTION Minneapolis, MN
Improving Language Learning: Styles- & Strategies-Based Instruction Minneapolis, MN
Teaching Language Through the Lens of Social Justice, MN
Beyond Communicative Competence: Using Authentic Materials to Develop 21st Century Literacies Minneapolis, MN
Vers une approche intégrée en immersion Minneapolis, MN
19—AVID Summer Inst West Chester, PA
24—Content-Based Language Instruction and Curriculum Development Minneapolis, MN
Culture as Core in the Second Language Classroom l Minneapolis, MN
Growing Learner Language: A Hands-On Approach l Minneapolis, MN
Character Literacy Development in Mandarin Immersion l Minneapolis, MN
25—AVID Summer Inst Denver, CO
AVID Summer Inst l Minneapolis, MN
31—Teaching Language with Technology: Basic Tools and Techniques East Lansing, MI

7—100&Change Finalists’ Selection
15—100&Change Finalists’ Preparation


7—16th Intl Conf on Methods in Dialectology Tokyo, Japan
Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval Tokyo, Japan
17—6th Intl Conf on Late Modern English: ‘’Internal and External Factors in Linguistic Stability and Language Change’’ Uppsala, Sweden
19—Intl Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence Melbourne, Australia
23—Intl Konferenz zur kontrastiven Medienlinguistik Helsinki, Finland
24—2017 Multidisciplinary Approaches in Language Policy & Planning Conference Toronto, Canada
Language and Democracy Tampere, Finland
28—AustraLex conference: Intersections between oral narratives, traditions, lexicography and new media Rarotonga, Cook Islands
Intl Conf on Iranian Linguistics Moscow, Russia
14th Intl Conf on the History of The Language Sciences Paris, France
Intl Conf on Minority Languages Jyväskylä, Finland
The first ESSE Doctoral Symposium Thessaloníki, Greece
30—27th European Second Language Assn Conf Reading, United Kingdom
19th Intl Conf on Computational Linguistics and Intelligent Text Processing Bangkok, Thailand
TBA—EUROCALL 2017 Conf Southmpton, United Kingdom

1—AVID Summer Inst San Diego, CA
3—Increasing Proficiency Through World Language Core Practices (Section 2) Lansing, MI
4—Reaching 21st Century Learners Through Unit Design (Section 2) East Lansing, MI
8—NYSAFLT Summer Inst Oneonta, NY
31—Prior Structure in Language Acquisition: A Consensus Workshop Trondheim, Norway


1—Pronunciation in Second Language Learning & Teaching (PSLLT) 9th Annual Conf Salt Lake City, UT

2—Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing Varna, Bulgaria
4—Intl Symposium on Monolingual and Bilingual Speech 2017 Chania, Greece
2nd Intl Workshop on Language Technologies and Applications Prague, Czech Republic
5—4th Intl Conf on Onomastics “Name and Naming” Baia Mare, Romania
6—Intl Conf on Business Communication and Digital Media Budapest, Hungary
5th ICSD Conf: ”Creating a unified foundation for the Sustainable Development: research, practice and education Rome, Italy
7—13th Generative Approaches to Language Acquisition Palma, Spain
13th Intl Conf on Greek Linguistics London, United Kingdom
Language and Law in a World of Media, Globalisation and Social Conflicts Freiburg, Germany
Language, Individual & Society Elnite, Bulgaria
9th Biennial Intl Colloquium on the Chadic Languages (BICCL) Villejuif, France
10—50th Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea Zurich, Switzerland
The Linguistics of Offensive Language Zurich, Switzerland
12—5th Intl Language Management Symposium: Interests & Power in Language Management \ Regensburg, Germany
Borders and Boundaries Passau, Germany
13—Interdisciplinary Discourse Studies: Theory and Practice php?wiki=en%3A%3AEvents&id=1893 Coventry, United Kingdom
19—Electronic Lexicography in the 21st Century: Lexicography from Scratch Leiden, Netherlands
20—3rd Bremen Conf on Multimodality Bremen, Germany
21—Images and imaginaries of Italian culture: Intl Conf marking the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Italian Studies in Pula Pula, Croatia
19th Intl Conf on Linguistics and Discourse Prosody Dubai, UAE
25—Performance and Representation in Language: The Other’s Other Cologne, Germany
27—3rd Nuba Mountain Languages Conf Cologne, Germany
28—2nd Intl Conf on Situating Strategy Use: Present Issues and Future Trends Komotini, Greece
7th Biennial Intl Conf on the Linguistics of Contemporary English (BICLCE) Vigo, Spain
29—MIDTESOL 2017 : Crossroads of Cultures MO
AFLA 2017 Conf Fairbanks, AK

4—2017 Annual Meeting of the Linguistics Association of Great Britain Kent, United Kingdom
28—Phonology Workshop: ‘SPE turns 50’ Vigo, Spain

22—Native American Day (CA)
26—European Day of Languages
American Indian Day (TN)


2—XI Intl Conf on Armenian Linguistics Yerevan, Armenia
5—4th Intl Conf for Learner Corpus Research Bolzano, Italy
Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conf Wilmington, NC
WFLTA’s 2017 Fall Conf WY
PSMLA Annual Conf Grantville, PA
50 Years of Reading Excellence Peoria, IL
41st Annual German Studies Assn Conf Atlanta, GA
6—America’s Southern cultures and identities: language, customs, literature Orangeburg, SC
8—ICCBP 2017 : Intl Conf on Cognitive and Behavioral Pscyhology Bali, Indonesia
11—Intl Assn for Dialogue Analysis Conf Bologna, Italy
12—MIWLA Fall Conf Lansing, MI
13—FFLA 49th annual Conf St. Petersburg, FL
Washington Assn For Language Teaching Pasco, WA
15—iNACOL Blended and Online Learning Symposium Charlotte, NC
18—7th Language in the Media Cape Town, South Africa
19—Keys to Cultural Proficiency: Unlocking the Language of Equitable Instruction Macon, GA
CATESOL Annual Conf Santa Clara, CA
20—8th Intl Conf on English Language Teaching (ELT) in China Xi’An, China
2017 AZTESOL State Conf Tucson, AZ
22—Literacy for All Conf Providence, RI
23—CT COLT Fall Conf CT
19th Intl Conf on Corpus Linguistics and Literary Analysis London, United Kingdom
25—Représentations du sens linguistique VII http:/// Sherbrooke, Canada
58th American Translators Assn Conf Washington, DC
American Translators Assn 58th Annual Conf Washington, DC
26—MaFLA Fall Conf Springfield, MA
27—2017 KSWLA Annual Conf Witchita, KS
Ohio TESOL Conf 2017 OH
CIA: Culture in Action St. Charles, MO
28—Hispanic Assn of Colleges and Universities 31st Annual Conf San Diego, CA

15—National Education Association Student Achievement Grantsf
National Education Association Learning & Leadership Grants
2—National German Week
5—World Teacher’s Day
6—German American Day
9—Native American Day (SD)
12—United Nations Spanish Language Day

15—National Education Association Student Achievement Grants
National Education Association Learning & Leadership Grants


1—LocWorld35 Santa Clara, CA
2—TexTESOL IV 2017 Conference TX
New Ways of Analyzing Variation 46 Madison, WI
3—29th Annual UCLA Indo-European Conference Los Angeles, CA
8—Visualizing (in) the New Media Neuchâtel, Switzerland
68th IDA Reading, Literacy & Learning Conference The International Dyslexia Association Atlanta, GA
CIEE: Council on International Educational Exchange Austin, TX
9—44th International MEXTESOL Convention, “Strengthening Learning Communities” Mexico
2017 Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts (SLSA) Conference Tempe, AZ
15—The Sociolinguistics of Urban Language Life Venice, Italy
National Alliance of Black School Educators 45th Annual Conference New Orleans, LA
16—National Council of Teachers of English Annual Conference St. Louis, MI
2016 Conference on English Leadership Convention St. Louis, MI
2017 ACTFL Annual Convention and World Languages Expo Montpellier
17—Japan Association for Language Teaching: 43rd Annual Conference Nashville, TN
18—2016 PRTESOL Annual Convention, “Reading the Word, Reading the World: Working towards Social Justice and Peace in the English Classroom” Puerto Rico
19—Paradigm Shifting in Applied Linguistics: New theories and new methods Dublin, Ireland
27—8th International Joint Conference on Natural Language Processing Taipei, Taiwan
30—California School Boards Association Annual Education Conference San Diego

16—Internationaler Workshop ‘’Konstruktionen, Kollokationen, Muster – Geerbte Strukturen, Übertragung in neue Realitäten’’ Montpellier, France

Foreign Language Association of Georgia Award Nominations Due
National Family Literacy Day



1—12th Conf of the Assn for Linguistic Typology 2017
4—174th Meeting of the Acoustical Society of America
14—The Second Intl Symposium on Chinese Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

1—AATF / Concordia Language Villages Outstanding Administrator Award Nomination Deadline
31—International Literacy Association Travel Grant for Educators Application Receival Deadline
18—United Nations Arabic Language Day