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2023 Study Abroad Calendar

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Teaching English overseas is probably the best way to travel

Not only can it pay for your adventures, but it gives you the chance to become far more than a tourist by embedding you within the cultural fabric of another society, plus you have the time and opportunity to hone your own language skills.

The experience gained working in another country is invaluable and makes your resume stand out be you a recent graduate or a seasoned pro.

Although some people manage to find TEFL jobs without any undergoing any training, getting a certificate opens up far more opportunities, will prepare you to be successful help, and, maybe most-importantly, give you the confidence to face your first class!

Plenty of people (including me) have found the TEFL experience helped shape them and their careers. Todd Squitieri found it to be a great way to earn a good living. Whatever your motivation—adventure, money, language immersion, altruism, social, career enhancement—I can recommend the experience!

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