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Ontario to Open First French-Language University

The Canadian province of Ontario is proposing to create a new French-language university, the first of its kind in the majority English-speaking province, giving French-speaking students more opportunities to study in French.In consultation with the...

Spain Honors Ladino in Israel

Spain’s Real Academia Española (RAE), the leading authority on the Spanish language, is to establish a special institute in Israel to preserve Ladino—the Judeo-Spanish language of Jewish communities who thrived in Spain before their expulsion in 1492 by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabela, in whose name Columbus claimed the...

Cusco Study Abroad VLOG #3

maccu piccu in cuzcovideo
Hola and bienvenidos to my study abroad video blog! Follow along and hear about my adventures, and watch my Spanish improve. In this Vlog I talk about my trip to the jungle and all of the fun animals that I saw. 

Belarus Opens First Chinese Department

Belarus flag
Minsk State Linguistic University (MSLU) will open Belarus’ first Chinese language and culture department in the new academic year, according to MSLU Rector Natalya Baranova.The department plans to enroll nearly 300 students. “We have long been preparing for this. We already have the lecturers and teaching staff for...

BBC launches Pidgin Portal

Afro women using tablet computer in the park
The BBC has launched a new online section that delivers news exclusively in Pidgin for West African audiences. Pidgin is a language spoken by over 75 million Nigerians. While the number of speakers is large, Pidgin offers unique challenges: it is a language without official spelling or grammar that is in constant flux.The portal is a huge step forward...

Taiwan Launches “Mandarin-on-the-Go”

night scene of Taipei Mandarin-on-the-Go
Taiwan’s Ministry of Education has announced Mandarin-on-the-Go, a new language-learning program for those wanting to learn Mandarin. Chinese language centers and universities are working with the Ministry of Education to promote study tours where students going to Taiwan can learn Mandarin through interactive study abroad programs. The language...


Historic town of Berchtesgaden with Watzmann mountain, Bavaria, Germany
John le Carré is not the only proponent of learning German. Harald Braun and Kurt Gamerschlag share the benefits of learning the language of Goethe in its homeland.“There are many reasons to learn German in Bonn, or Germany in general. I’ll name three for any prospective student...

Study Abroad VLOG #2

Hola! This is my vlog documenting my study abroad experience in Cuzco, Peru! Follow along to hear about my adventures, and watch my Spanish improve!    

Vietnamese on Rise in Japan

Japan national flag
Nearly 400 Japanese students of varying ages took the country’s first national Vietnamese language exam last month.Education insiders said the test reflects Vietnam’s rising importance in the region. The test, which reportedly took two years to prepare, was held in Tokyo, Vietnam News Agency reported.A source from the Japan College of Foreign Languages said more Japanese people are also choosing to...

Study Abroad Video Blog, Day 1, Cuzco Peru

Creative Director of Language Magazine, Leanna Robinson, is currently in Cuzco, Peru to take Spanish classes at a school, Academia Latinoamerica. She will be documenting her travels along the way, and as you watch the vlog you can follow along with her, and watch her Spanish improve! For students interested in studying abroad, watching her vlog may be insightful...