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Ensuring Equity in Reading Instruction

Early one summer, my parents moved our family into a 900-square-foot house in the central part of town that would become home for my...

Framing Authentic Development in Spanish

As the number of multilingual learners continues to...

From Advocate to Activist: One Teacher’s Journey

Classroom teacher: “That kid from Africa. He’s suspended...


Juan does a double take when I mention Joyabaj. “¿De veras?” he asks. We’d been chatting about my recent trip to Guatemala as he...

Beginning of the School Year: Conversations and Considerations

(September 2023) Ayanna Cooper recommends setting up systems and structures that include student goal setting

­­­Immigration: Bringing Backgrounds to the Foreground

Immigration is one of the most complex phenomena...

Making (Language) Data CUTE:Comprehensible, Usable,Timely, and Empowering – Part I

(July 2023) Ayanna Cooper explains how we need the right data as a tool for equitable instruction

SEL Assessment Doesn’t Translate

As well as learning academically, today’s students are learning their place in the world, who they are, and how to make and nurture friendships....

Are We Cultural and Linguistic Surrogates?

(June 2023) Tasha Austin reflects on her own experience as a language-teacher educator and poses a question all language teachers should ask themselves

Haitian Creole is a Living Language

(May 2023) Marleen Julien celebrates Haitian Heritage Month with recognition of the vibrancy and growing importance of Kreyòl Ayisyen
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