February 2008

February 2008 Cover
February 2008 Cover


The World as We Speak
Our forum for changes in world languages

How to Teach Science to English Learners
John Carr explains how science teachers can use simple devices to include all of their students in the excitement of science

Startalk Mandarin
Amado M. Padilla and Xiaoqiu Xu describe an intensive summer high school Mandarin program, one of many successful inaugural STARTALK programs

Motivating Students in a Mixed-Ability Classroom
Danny Iny explains how his differentiated instruction technology motivates English Language Learners to read in a mixed-ability classroom

Online TESOL Training
Dr. Lizabeth England and
Jennifer Fons discuss the distance learning options available for teaching English to speakers of other languages

Were the Subjunctive That Easy
Laurie Massery offers assistance for teachers struggling with teaching the
subjunctive to English speakers

Portuguese Immersion
Marta Calheiros introduces us
to the majesty and natural beauty that make Portugal such an
inviting immersion destination


Last Writes
Richard Lederer
on Cutting the Verbal Fat


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