November 2008

    November 2008 Cover
    November 2008 Cover


    The World as We Speak
    Our forum for changes in world language

    Animating Young Learners
    Jenn Reese describes how a new, animated TV show is inspiring love for languages from an early age

    Taking Class Online
    Lori Langer de Ramirez explores new Internet technologies revolutionizing the language classroom

    Language Rules
    Michael Bell argues that globalization of language will muzzle the nation-state

    Communication on the Fly
    Haydn C. Griffith offers a practical perspective to the communicative approach to language acquisition

    Costas del Castellano
    Christine Tsai samples the linguistic delights of Spain’s northern and eastern coastal regions

    Spanish Immersion with a Shallow Pocket
    Language Magazine’s recommended destinations for students on a tight budget


    Last Writes
    Richard Lederer
    on Top Dog Presidents

    Plus all the latest news in language learning technology, book reviews, and source information on language funding