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Spanish Renaissance

Alex Correa, president of Lectorum Publications, the large independent distributor of Spanish-language books in the U.S., believes interest in Spanish-language — because of the many Spanish speakers and the importance of being bilingual in a shrinking competitive world — will mean a renaissance for the Spanish language.
Speaking at the Guadalajara Book Fair, Lectorum’s president said that, in the U.S., interest in Spanish and bilingual education is not only growing in states like California, Texas, Florida, New Mexico, and Arizona but it is also prevalent now in New Jersey, Utah, Colorado and as far north as Washington State.
Lectorum is the publisher of the Dr. Seuss books in Spanish. Sales of Green Eggs and Ham or Huevos Verdes con Jamon have surpassed 200,000 in the U.S. Correa’s goal is to introduce Seuss to Latin America starting with Mexico, Columbia, and Chile. The main customers are schools and libraries due to the economics of most Latin American countries, which may also explain the slow growth of Spanish digital publications.
Correa continued to say that the study of Spanish is making inroads in countries like Brazil and even into Asia. “Books in Spanish,” Correa says, “have momentum.”

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