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Cervantes Sets an Example in Bucharest

The Arch of Triumph (Arcul de Triumf) from Bucharest Romania, National Day with romanian flags, view from Kisseleff Avenue.

Spanish government funds free or low-cost Spanish classes in Bucharest Romania for children whose parents are working in Spain

The Cervantes Institute in the Romanian capital of Bucharest has designed a free Spanish teaching program for the children of Romanians living in Spain to facilitate the integration of the kids when they reunite with their families and to improve their future prospects.

The Linguistic Integration Program will benefit, at first, a few children over the age of seven who will be able to take a free long-distance course lasting four months.

The cost of these courses is usually 50 euros ($64), but the institute has cut it by half.
“We hope public institutions like city halls and associations will participate and maybe we’ll get the support of private and business donors,” said Mila Crespo, the curriculum chief at the Cervantes Institute in Bucharest and coordinator of the project.

In this forward-thinking initiative, the Bucharest Cervantes Institute is cooperating with Save the Children, which has a network of homes that take in children whose parents have emigrated.

Romanian authorities estimate that there are some 80,000 young people in the country with at least one parent abroad and 30,000 children with both parents living outside the country.

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