Gaza Demands Educators’ Support

A summer break with little to do represents tedium for young, energetic bodies. That’s why AMIDEAST has  partnered with the U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem to offer Camp Discovery for the past eight years, providing a fun-filled, enriching learning experience during summer for Palestinian children, mostly from refugee camps.  Contrast this with the devastation of much of Gaza soon after camp ended this summer for the Gazan children, and consider the loss of opportunity and goodwill that has resulted, not to mention lives lost, homes destroyed, and serious injuries suffered by some of these students and their families.

Education must be part of the humanitarian response to the crisis in Gaza. Schools should be safe havens for children, where they can develop knowledge and skills, and their societies the brainpower and leadership needed to achieve progress. Young Gazans, like children everywhere, hope for a brighter future. Join efforts to expand their opportunities and change their lives for the better. One way you can help is to donate to the Gazan Student Humanitarian Fund, established to help deserving students in our programs and their families recover from devastating injuries and other severe losses.

Theodore H. Kattouf
AMIDEAST President and CEO


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