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Indigenous-Language-Friendly Approach to Digital Learning and Data

The New Zealand Ministry of Education has chosen Edsby as the educational tool to form the basis of the country’s Te Rito National Learner Repository and Data Exchange—a system aimed at reducing administrative burden and helping educators tailor support for learners. The country had no way to transfer student records and needed a system that could help move achievement data, teacher observations, and individualized learning plans with ease in English and the New Zealand Indigenous people’s language, Māori.
The technology had to fit the needs of Te Rito, meet New Zealand’s stringent student data laws, and be useful for educators and students alike. Edsby combines a rich, modern user interface with a powerful data engine tailored to share important student information with teachers, parents, and administrators.

Most importantly, Edsby is adaptable, making it a great fit for districts big and small—no matter their locations—and entire states, provinces, and countries. The platform was designed to be able to integrate with a variety of student databases, support multiple system languages, and maintain strict data privacy guidelines.

Edsby worked closely with Māori and English Ministry groups to ensure that the Te Rito system is relevant for every resident in the country.

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