Online Therapy Platform Now Available to School-Based Clinical Teams

PresenceLearning is making its online therapy platform available for use by school-based clinical teams for the first time, and is training them on how to provide online therapy, so they can continue to maintain progress for their students with special needs during school closures.

The new package includes access to PresenceLearning’s award-winning online therapy room, as well as access to PresenceLearning’s extensive library of teletherapy resources. Key features of the platform include:

  • High fidelity teletherapy sessions with crisp, clear video and sound
  • Full therapy command center to help providers keep the session on track, maintain remote control of the student’s environment, and refocus the student when necessary
  • Dynamic camera and video modes to focus on multiple types of intervention
  • Synchronized collaborative workspace
  • Evidence-based and user-generated content library with 100K+ items and therapy playlists using PresenceLearning content
  • Ability for clinicians to easily and securely upload their own therapy materials

To ensure clinicians are comfortable with providing services in an online environment, PresenceLearning will accompany the platform access with live training sessions and online office hours with its team of clinical experts, access to the company’s proprietary Telehealth Institute self-guided training modules, and daily live technical support during school hours.

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