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HMH Introduces Teacher’s Corner

Teacher's Corner offers intuitive access to research-based insight from a connected community of practicing teachers, coaches, program authors and renowned learning experts.

Learning company Houghton Mifflin Harcourt today introduced Teacher’s Corner, a brand new online space that supports continuous professional learning for educators. Connected directly to HMH’s curriculum solutions ecosystem via digital teaching and learning platform Ed: Your Friend in Learning, Teacher’s Corner invites users into an easy-to-use, ever-growing library of on-demand professional learning resources within a bright, intuitive, and modern user experience.

Whether it’s quickly prepping for a lesson, investing time picking up best practices for remote instruction, listening to a short podcast from a fellow teacher or joining a live event alongside hundreds of peers, Teacher’s Corner provides trusted resources that empower educators.

“Educators are facing challenges that we have never seen before as we approach the Back to School season. The global pandemic has ushered in a new connected era of education, and laid bare the need for inspiring professional learning that centers teacher agency and adds deeper value to day-to-day teaching,” says Amy Dunkin, General Manager and EVP of Professional Services at HMH. “Teacher’s Corner is at the heart of our ongoing shift to virtual delivery of on-demand, flexible professional learning opportunities that meet educators where they are, create community and support effective curriculum implementation.”

Leveraging video, text and interactive media, Teacher’s Corner offers intuitive access to research-based insight from a connected community of practicing teachers, coaches, program authors and renowned learning experts. Reflecting a new kind of professional learning experience, the platform prioritizes educators’ voices and needs, ensuring resources are relevant and inspiring, and creating opportunities for best practice sharing, real-world advice, and actionable tips.

Sample content includes:

  • Regular video series from learning experts and thinkers, including “Hip Hop Teacher Moves” from Dr. Chris Emdin and special content from HMH literacy, math and science program authors, who walk through how their research meets practice in the curriculum.
  • Authentic, original resources from more than one dozen practicing teachers, like the how-to video series “Real Rap with Reynolds,” where ninth-grade Philadelphia-based English teacher CJ Reynolds offers guidance on building engaging, noteworthy online learning, as well as program-specific teaching tips and model lessons from educators using HMH programs.
  • Live events featuring instructional coaches, experts and fellow teachers in real-time online sessions with active participation and feedback, including “Phonics Fit,” a yoga meets foundational reading session, and “The Power of AND,” which steps teachers through the process of recognizing both their own and their students’ needs, and creates connections and community across remote learning environments.
  • A virtual “Breakroom” where educators can stay inspired and share ideas, new lesson resources and weekly reflection.
  • Content rooted in social emotional learning that prioritizes educator well-being, including support in navigating remote learning and the challenges of the unique Back to School experience ahead.

“I’m so excited to be a part of Teacher’s Corner,” notes LaNesha Tabb, an Indianapolis-based kindergarten teacher and Teacher’s Corner ambassador. “What an amazing opportunity for educators to come together to share expertise. I love when the voices of educators are amplified, and there are bite-sized resources at my fingertips!”

Teacher’s Corner is available now via Ed: Your Friend in Learning for teachers with programs on the platform. Bringing together assessment, insights, professional learning, instruction and practice for core, supplemental and intervention solutions, Ed provides a connected experience at point-of-use for today’s educators.

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