Study Abroad Calendar 2014

The year’s listings of study abroad events

There are literally thousands of study abroad affairs the world over but here’s a list of some of the most important events and deadlines


16-18 Alphe Brazil

27-F2 High School Roadshow & Study Abroad Fair Paris, France


3-5 The ICEF Dubai Workshop, Dubai, UAE

15-16 ICIEP International Education Fair Russia
16-19 Assn of International Education Administrators Washington, DC

19-21 Alphe Asia

19-22 Languages Canada Annual Conference Toronto, Canada

21-23 ICEF Moscow Workshop, Moscow Russia

23-25 Alphe Taiwan

25-27 Eastern Mediterranean Recruiting Tour Israel, West Bank & Jordan

25-27 The ICEF Japan–Korea Agent Roadshow Tokyo & Seoul


4-7 The ICEF Mexico–Colombia Agent Roadshow Mexico City & Bogotá

13-14 Institute of International Education Best Practices in Internationalization New York, NY

21-23 The ICEF Moscow Workshop Moscow, Russia


2-4 Forum on Education Abroad Chicago, IL

4-6 Alphe Istanbul

6-8 ICEF Australia and New Zealand Workshop Brisbane, Australia

7-11 Central European Education Fairs Czech Republic, Hungary & Poland

15 CCCS Summer 2014 application Deadline

22-24 EducationUSA Regional Forum for the Western Hemisphere Lima, Peru

29-M1 Going Global 2014 Miami, FL


12-14 The ICEF North America Workshop Vancouver, Canada

15 CCCS Fall 2014 and Academic Programs Deadline

15-20 Languages Canada Fam Tour

25-30 NAFSA: Assn of Intl Educators San Diego, CA


2-4 The ICEF Bangkok Workshop Bangkok, Thailand

23-25 EducationUSA Forum Washington, DC


29-31 Alphe UK


13-15 The ICEF Higher Education Workshop Prague, Czech Republic

16-19 European Association for International Education Prague, Czech Republic

23-26 World Youth & Student Travel Conference Dublin, Ireland

25-27 The ICEF Latin America Workshop São Paulo, Brazil


3-5 Alphe Secondary Focus
Frankfurt, Germany

12-17 NAFSA Region II
Tuscon, AZ

15 CCCS Spring 2015 application Deadline

24-26 Alphe Russia


2-4 The ICEF Berlin Workshop Berlin, Germany, including Work & Travel Berlin

15-17 The ICEF Beijing Workshop Beijing, China

19-22 CIEE: Council on International Educational Exchange Baltimore, MD

25-29 NAFSA Region VII Jackson, MS

26-31 NAFSA Region IV St. Paul, MN

27-30 NAFSA Region X & XI Albany, NY


1-6 NAFSA Region III
Fort Worth, TX

2-8 NAFSA Region I & XII Portland, OR

3-7 NAFSA Region VIII Williamsburg, VA

8-11 NAFSA Region VI Lexington, KY