ebook: SSR in Asia

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 SSR in Asia: Empirical studies of sustained silent reading in English as a foreign language

Table of Contents

1. Cho, K.S. and Kim, Hey Jung. Recreational Reading in English as a Foreign Language in Korea: Positive Effects of a Sixteen-Week Program (Originally published in Knowledge Quest, 2004)

2. Cho, KS., Ahn, KO, and Krashen, S. The Effects of Narrow Reading of Authentic Texts on Interest and Reading Ability in English as a Foreign Language (Originally published in Reading Improvement, 2005)

3. Cho, K.S. and Kim, Hee Jung. Using the Newspaper in an English as a Foreign Language Class (Originally published in Knowledge Quest, 2005)

4. Smith, K. A Comparison Study of Pure Extensive Reading, Intensive Reading, and Extensive Reading with Supplementation (Originally published under the title, A Comparison of “Pure” Extensive Reading with Intensive Reading and Extensive Reading with Supplemental Activities; IJFLT, Fall 2006)

5. Smith, K. Adding SSR to Instruction: Effects on Language Proficiency, Writing Fluency, and Writing Accuracy (Originally published under the title, The Effect of Adding SSR to Regular Instruction; ETA, 2007)

6. Smith, K. Integrating One Hour of In-School Weekly SSR: Effects on Proficiency and Spelling (Originally published in IJFLT, 2011)

7. Lee, S-Y. Revelations from Three Consecutive Studies on Extensive Reading (Originally published in RELC Journal, 2007)

8. Mason, B. and Krashen, S. Can Extensive Reading Help Unmotivated Students of EFF Improve? (Originally published in ITL, 1997)

9. Mason, B. The Effect of Adding Supplementary Writing to an Extensive Reading Program (Originally published in IJFLT, 2004)

10. Krashen, S. Non-Engagement in Sustained Silent Reading: How extensive is it? What can it teach us? (Originally published in  Colorado Reading Council Journal 2011)


Click ‘Buy Now’ to download ePub format (iPad) for just $3.00: [digishop id=”3″]

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