Fiscal Year 2021 (FY21) Appropriations As included in H.R. 133

The congressional funding package that passed at the end of 2020 included federal budget appropriations in addition to the CRRSA Act. While you may be more familiar with these sources of funding, it is worth noting that many of these sources received an increase in funding over the previous fiscal year’s federal appropriations. The table below shows appropriations and their relative increases of funding that may be used towards social-emotional learning. Find more information about federal funding for Second Step® programs on our funding resource page.

Coronavirus Response and FY21 Federal Budget Appropriations
Relevant to SEL
Total Appropriation AmountFund, Program, or GrantFederal DepartmentChange Over Previous FY Appropriation
$16.5 billionTitle I Grants to LEAsEducation+$227 million
$12.9 billionIDEA Part B Grants to statesEducation+$173 million
$2.1 billionTitle II-A Supporting Effective Instruction State GrantsEducation+$11.3 million
$1.2 billionTitle IV Student Support and Academic Enrichment State GrantsEducation+$10 million
$1.3 billion21st Century Community Learning GrantsEducation+$10 million
$67 millionEducation Innovation and Research (The Evaluation Group)Education+$2 million
$30 millionFull-Service Community SchoolsEducation+$5 million
$106 millionSchool-Based Mental Health Services Grant ProgramEducation+$2 million
$107 billionProject AWARE (Advancing Wellness and Resiliency in Education)Health and Human Services+$5 million
$72 millionNational Child Traumatic Stress InitiativeHealth and Human Services+$3 million
$5.9 billionChild Care and Development Block GrantHealth and Human Services+$85 million
$10.7 millionHead StartHealth and Human Services+$135 million