July 2021 Inside the Issue

Beyond Crises: The Reawakening of Classrooms
Margo Gottlieb seizes the opportunity to close educational equity gaps and engage communities

Young, Bilingual, and Black
Ayanna Cooper shows how fostering bilingualism and biliteracy works at Boston’s Toussaint L’Ouverture Academy

Leading the Dance
Chita Espino-Bravo explains how extracurricular activities can help teach Hispanic culture, diversity, tolerance, and respect

Language Is Limitless
Jennifer Kilmore, director of world languages at Carnegie Learning, introduces a community for educators

Student Teaching in Spain in the Time of COVID
Francisco Ramos, Gemma Delicado, and Laura Alonso-Díaz describe how lockdown experiences benefit students, mentors, and student teachers

Bastille Day and Beyond
Kathy Stein-Smith
summarizes the influence of French on the U.S. through reasons to celebrate Bastille Day

Challenging the Neutrality Myth of EdTech
Tim Stewart examines the role of digital technologies in ELL classrooms and how they are shaping our futures as citizens and educators

Celebrating the Linguistic Self
Olivia Halsall empowers English learners through poetry

Shortening Distances
Cássia De Abreu uses technology, music, and poetry to engage students in the international varieties of Portuguese