March 2023 Inside the Issue

De Facto Bilingual Education

Stephen Krashen considers the contribution of “light” literature

A Model for Improving the Quality of Student Talk in Mathematics Classrooms

Jeff Zwiers talks math

Effective Use of Response Frames to Engage English Learners in Academic Interactions

Kate Kinsella provides practical guidance for educators striving to include English learners in essential lesson discussions

Why Focus on Monolingual Solutions to Improve Biliterate Reading?

Alexandra Guilamo argues that dual language programs need professional learning to implement the science of the bilingual reading brain in their classrooms

TESOL Professional Preparation Programs

Language Magazine highlights TESOL programs

Leading the Way with Young Learners

Luis João Molina reports on California’s new asset-based process to identify and improve supports for dual language learners in state preschools

Educating Boys and Young Men of Color, Persistence, Preservation and Preparation

Ayanna Cooper finds out why Ron Walker prioritizes the social–emotional learning of young Black men

French around the World and Right Here

Kathy Stein-Smith provides an update on the French resurgence in the US