May 2022 Inside the Issue

Make the School Day Longer?

Stephen Krashen discusses if extra time in school help children make up for instruction lost because of the pandemic

The Science of the Bilingual Reading Brain

Alexandra Guilamo explores what science says about transfer and translanguaging

Gen Z Preferences for Post-Pandemic International Study

Global survey indicates a generational shift as young people prioritize ‘making the world a better place’ when choosing to study abroad

Is It Time for Us All to Learn English?

Matt Halsdorff and Christian Saunders see the commercial sense in global English training

The Power of Cultural and Linguistic Connections

Daphne Germain shares a mother’s perspective on the benefits of bilingual, bicultural education

Reading Conferences, Listening, and Identity

Dan Feigelson takes a holistic approach to developing personal reading personality

Breaking the Math Language Barrier

Twana Young offers simple strategies to help students who struggle with the language of math

Creating Community through Multinationalism

Ingrid Ren sees the bonds built through the shared experience of international schooling while recognizing that work needs to be done to overcome racism

Misclassification of Ukrainian Sparks Outcry

Dr. Ruslana A. Westerlund and Dr. Corinne A. Seals respond to “Ukrainian—A Separate Language or Dialect of Russian?”