November 2020 Inside the Issue

From Nobody Cares to Everyone/Every Community Cares: Breaking Down the Wall, One Essential Shift at a Time

Debbie Zacarian and Maria G. Dove discuss with Dan Alpert the importance of community in education

The Other Spanish Golden Age

Ransom Gladwin presents the success of Spain’s video gaming industry as an inspiration for students

Poetry in Motion

Ayanna Cooper introduces this month’s Pass the Mic series, featuring poems by Jacqueline Marshall and Faith Popan that can be used as part of language and social justice education

Joy in the Time of COVID

Lori Langer de Ramírez demonstrates how to have fun on Zoom or in the room with language students

Young Learners

A selection of the latest online language programs for young learners

Transcending Monolingualism

Samir Monges justifies the implementation of translanguaging pedagogy in higher education

Recognizing Multilingual Speech Patterns

Rachel Musial offers speech therapy tips for the bilingual child

Connecting Reading with Writing

Meena Singhal suggests ten ways to integrate reading and writing in an academic English program

Worlds of Reading

Online reading programs and e-libraries are revolutionizing the route to literacy—here’s a selection