October 2020 Inside the Issue

Questions to Ask Ourselves

In the fourth installment of our Pass the Mic series, Jolisa Beavers examines the role of language in constructing a homeplace in challenging times

Language Learning with a Side of Art to Go

Nile Stanley is excited by the potential of using art-focused apps to inspire language learners

Applying Task-Based Learning to Extended Reality

Sara Davila explores the practical application of advanced technology to further the digital learning experience

Teaching Math Across Language Barrier

Lisa Trail and Julie Evans meet the challenge of teaching math in a linguistically diverse (and remote) class

Sociocultural Competence in Action

Beatriz Arias and José Medina highlight the priorities in dual-language bilingual education

Why We Need to Support Teachers Now

Kevin Baird stresses the need to address teachers’ and students’ well-being to enable success

Virtual Spanish

Make the most of online learning by enrolling in an immersion program