September 2019 Inside the Issue

Measuring More Than Fun

Scott McConnell explains how well-designed and fun assessments can set preschool children up for later academic success

Testing in Place

Leigh Anne Shaw makes the case for retaining ESL placement tools in California community colleges

Feedback Essentials for English Learners During Academic Interactions

Kate Kinsella offers practical guidance on research-informed and classroom-tested feedback methods for teachers facilitating lesson discussions including English learners

Driving Dual Language Forward

Margarita Calderón and Shawn Slakk offer systemic solutions to improve programs using excerpts from Integrating Language, Reading, Writing, and Content in English and Spanish

Sharing Selfie Improvement

Adam Geller suggests strategies to transform instruction using videos of your own teachers

Radical Re-Thinking Required

Katie Nielson believes that structural change is needed to bridge adult language gaps

How to Train Your English Teacher

Tariq Harris argues that classroom English teachers can seamlessly switch over to online tutoring as long as they get the right levels of support and training