September 2022 Inside the Issue

Preparing for Back to School
Learning Targets
Reading English with Accents
Experiencing STEM
Translanguaging Internationally

From Compliance to Engagement

Nancy Frey and Douglas Fisher emphasize the importance of teaching students to take control of their own learning

Five Ways to Support Multilingual Learners with Disabilities This School Year

Kristen Burton and Laurene L. Christensen offer tips on how to make the most of WIDA Consortium’s assets-based approach

The Power of Assessment

Testing providers share updates and recommendations

TOEFL Post Pandemic

ETS TOEFL’s Srikant Gopal explains how the testing giant has responded to world events and where it’s headed in the year to come

The Benefits of Recognizing Biliteracy

Christine Anderson​ proves the value of assessments in self-esteem and dollars

Pass The Mic Series: United for Bilingual Education

Juan Valdez, Diane Rodríguez, and Elisa Alvarez report on the movement to establish the Dominican Republic as a truly bilingual society

Paul Krugman and the Power of Science Fiction

Stephen Krashen provides evidence of the practical importance of reading fiction

What to Avoid When Publishing Student Writing

Matt Hardy highlights the top ten mistakes