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Anti-Racism Resources

Placard saying" I teach Black students. I CANNOT BE SILENT"
https://www.languagemagazine.com/2020/07/14/dismantling-racism-working-from-the-inside-out/ Dismantling Racism: Working from the Inside Out Ayanna Cooper provides resources that support anti-racism, equity, and access in the U.S. The Weaponization of English Kisha C. Bryan and JPB Gerald examine coded language, position statements, and the Black Lives Matter movement in the spirit of acknowledgement and reconciliation

The Power of Prior Knowledge

According to the most recent National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP, https://www.nationsreportcard.gov/reading?grade=4), approximately a third of students across grade levels demonstrated reading proficiency. The precise figures were 35% in fourth grade, 34% in eighth grade, and 37% in twelfth grade, reflecting a decrease in the fourth and eighth grades since 2017, following decades of flatlining. These figures make it...

The New Digital Divide

double exposure image of financial graph and virtual human 3dillustration on business technology
Keith Oelrich argues that teacher preparation and curriculum design are the keys to closing the digital technological opportunity gap A Gap Emerges In the mid-’90s, as personal computer and internet access was becoming more available to many in the U.S., a correlation could be observed between access to technology and socioeconomic status. Scholars, policy makers, and advocacy groups referred to this...

Long Beach Campaigns for Language Access

Campaigners in Long Beach, CA gathered outside city hall on Tuesday, to emphasize city's the need for better 'language access' in the run up to this week's council meeting. The rally addressed the Council directly, following a 2013 approval of the city-wide Language Access Policy (LAP). Promising better language education and resources for speakers of Spanish, Tagalog and Khmer,...
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