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When Literacy Gets Critical

Lina Sun provides a rationale for integrating peace education into the English curriculum through graphic novels Graphic novels, which tell real and fictional stories using a combination of words and images, are often sophisticated and involve intriguing topics. In the past two decades, the graphic novel medium has been coming into its own. This medium has to be considered as...

The Changing Conflict of the Common Core

A recent paper on the importance of policy implementation as it relates to educational standards by Ashley Jochim and Lesley Lavery explores the creation and implementation of the new Common Core State Standards. In a idealistic effort to ensure that “all students, regardless of where they live, are graduating high-school prepared for college, career, and life,” (Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI), 2015),...

Lessons from the Ukrainian Conflict

Angelika Putintseva’s firsthand experience leads her to believe that language intolerance is the root cause of conflict on the shores of the Black Sea Crimea is my motherland; I was born there. My roots and extended family are deeply connected to Crimea, the Ukrainian territory that recently voted to join Russia. Moscow is my second home, and I spent nearly...
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