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Speech May Be Ten Times Older Than Previously Thought

Baboons communicating on beach
New research suggests that speech may not be dependent on the “descended larynx” which could mean that our ancestors were talking 20 million years ago Baboons raised in semi-liberty produce about ten vocalizations, associated with different ethological situations, that may be considered as proto-vowels, at the dawn of the emergence of speech. ©...

Speech Therapy App Helps Brain Injury Sufferers Recover Language Skills

Lingraphica: The Aphasia Company today announced the release of TalkPath Therapy for iPad and the Web– an award-winning app component of a speech-therapy solution to help adults suffering with aphasia. The integrated-cloud based initiative has been designed to improve the language skills of adults with the inability to speak, write or comprehend language. Features include over 4600 language exercises for...
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