Spanish Blog Contest


Online Spanish is growing fast – it is now the third most-used language on the internet by number of users, according to a report by the Instituto Cervantes. Its use has grown by 807% in the period of 2000-2011, compared with an increase of 301% for English, and still Spanish has a huge potential for expansion. It is also the second most used language in the two major world social networks: Facebook and Twitter.

Mindful of this enormous capacity for development, Google, the Instituto Cervantes, Madrid Spanish Network-Platform, University of Alcalá, Gabriel García Márquez Foundation for New Latin American Journalism (FNPI) and have launched the third annual Spanish Blog competition to promote Spanish and Hispanic culture.



  1. K-5 Spanish elementary teaching blog used as a instructional tool and professional development collaboration site.

    This blog was used as an educational tool and served four basic functions:

    Classroom Management

    It was used to inform students of class requirements, post handouts, notices and a question and answer board.


    This blog offered instructional tips for other Spanish teachers and other professionals. Also, it was used for students to participate in cooperative learning activities that require them to relay research findings, ideas, or suggestions.


    It opened the opportunity for students to discuss topics inside and outside of the classroom. Also, information about Google apps, iPads resources and apps and Linguafolio are provided at the blog. This blog has been used as a way of sharing at many professional development activities and conferences.

    Classroom Portfolios

    This blog presented and organized classroom work as digital portfolios. Students used the blog for developing work and as a reference. The blog was used to conference with students, parents and other professionals.

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