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Student Feedback on Travel in Germany

daad081916ya168x168callaway6-2“I loved my time in Germany and will always look back at it with fond memories. I studied abroad at the Goethe Institut Mannheim and Universitaet Stuttgart for my Junior year as a DAAD Undergraduate Scholarship recipient. During my time in Germany, I improved my command of the language through intensive language courses and completing coursework in my major. The staff at the DAAD was tremendously helpful in providing me with information about handling bureaucratic details, applying to other prestigious scholarship programs, and connecting me with other students and fellow scholars in my field of study and area.”
–Callaway Tyra
guy_bonin_languagemagazine_oct-2016-fuu“We had a very enjoyable stay at F+U Academy of Languages in Heidelberg. The transfer to the student residence offered by the school went well according to the information provided about the meeting point. The student residence was very well located in the Old Town and we appreciated that we could easily get to school by foot. I took a B2 German intensive course, while Benoit was in an A1 class. We both liked the German courses we have taken and we were impressed by the quality of the teaching as well as the good organization of the school. It was my partner’s first experience with a German language course and I feel this experience gave him the will to keep on learning this language.” –Guy Bonin & Benoit Yergeau

jesus-nietto-dialogue“It takes so little time to feel like home here. There’s some kind of magic about Lindau that got me right away from the very first time I visited. I knew from the start that I wanted to walk its streets and see its people for a lot longer than just a few days. Then I discovered the dialoge Sprachinstitut. It was just like finding vanilla ice cream for your apple strudel. Lindau was already great, but finding dialoge made it even better. From the very first day your amazing teachers and staff will guide you through every single step you need to take. You will never feel lost. Students come from so many different places and with such different stories that you’ll never stop learning, and before you even realize, you will be part of a new family.” –Jesús Nieto Torres.

daad081916ya168x168mohtasham1-2“I’m a Comparative Literature major with a concentration in German language and literature. My year as a short-term student at the University of Heidelberg was thus invaluable to my academic career. Through the DAAD undergraduate scholarship, I was able to learn German in an immersive environment and study original German texts at a prestigious university. My experience abroad was important both to my intellectual and personal growth. It was an ideal situation made possible for me by the generous support of DAAD.” –Atussa Mohtasham

jordan-caillet-2-eurocentres“I had heard good things about Eurocentres Berlin, which is why I’ve decided to go to this school. Moreover, my mother, my father and my sister had been in Berlin with Eurocentres as well. I like the teaching methods at the school in Berlin. You can see that the teachers enjoy what they are doing and the fun is transmitted to students too. The school offers many leisure activities in the afternoon or evening, where we can get to know our classmates and further practice our German. The school is visited by students from many different countries and you cannot not only get to know various cultures but also make friends with people from all over the world.” –Jordan Caillet

daad081916ya168x168viney3-2“Studying in Germany has been the most transformative event in my life thus far. While studying in Germany, I was able to vastly improve my German language skills, a personal goal of mine. However, my study abroad experiences extended far beyond the classroom. My initial perspectives and thoughts were challenged in the changing social climate in Europe. I forged many lifelong friendships that will surely last a lifetime. My own future aspirations shifted while I was in Germany. Upon my graduation, I plan to return to Germany to complete my master’s and stay on a permanent basis.” –Matthew Viney

“While pursuing undergraduate degrees in Visual Arts and Education, studying abroad in this small German culture city daad081916ya168x168park2-2called Weimar that is just about the size of my home university community was the most unique and inspiring experience in my personal and educational career. While overcoming the language barrier was one of the most challenging aspects of this experience, in the end, it has come to be the greatest accomplishment from studying abroad. I learned new approaches to art, different values in teaching, and gained immeasurable life skills for my personal growth. DAAD has helped me to lengthen my stay in Germany where it provided greater access and stability to allow this valuable experience come to fruition.”
–Christina Park

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