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Multilingual ‘Smart E-Book’

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Kamprehend has developed a new, patent-pending “smart e-book” technology to help English language learners (ELLs) or English-speaking children learning another language.

Most children these days are digital natives and can use a tablet or smartphone before they know how to read. Given a choice between a book or a tablet, the child will pick the tablet every time.

Kamprehend’s 158 award-winning pre-K–4 STEM smart e-books read aloud to children with word highlighting in some of the most popular languages in the world. Readers can toggle between languages on the fly and can adjust the reading speed. Tappable animal and object sounds encourage children to have fun while reading. The more fun they have, the more they will read.

Each e-book is developed from the ground up to introduce or supplement science or math learning through the stories. These are regular picture books that can be read on an adult’s lap or projected in a group setting for all children to see. Each e-book is now available in English and Spanish. Several books (with more being added each day) are currently available in Chinese (Mandarin), Japanese, Arabic, Indonesian, Portuguese, French, and German. Languages coming soon include Hmong, Korean, Urdu, Vietnamese, Russian, and Italian.

The digital books are accessed via computer (all browsers) or through iPad or Android tablet apps. The books may be downloaded onto the apps for access in an internet-free environment.

For a digital review copy (DRC), email [email protected].

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