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Nahuatl Folktales Translated into English

Illustration of a child holding a lantern in a wooded winter night scene with a friendly animal close by.

The Latino Book Review has released a free online archive of English translations of Nahuatl folktales. The stories were translated to English from the native Nahuatl folktales collected by Pablo González Casanova in Cuentos Indígenas, which was published by the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). Cuentos Indígenas, which was originally published in 1946, features Nahuatl folktales translated into Spanish. According to Latino Book Review, the English translations came from the Spanish translations in the book, but were carefully revised by a Nahuatl speaker to ensure accuracy.

According to their website, Latino Book Review is a platform that hosts and exposes contemporary Latin American authors and literature, ranging from well established to promising emerging authors and scholars.

The translated stories include titles such as “The Lion and the Cricket”, “The Gardener Child”, “The Maiden and the Beast”, and “The Red Grasshopper”. The stories were translated by a variety of translators, including Jose Campos, Jr., Cameron Davis, Johnathan Moore, and Nubia Lujan. The English translations of the stories can be found here, while the original text in Spanish can be found here.

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