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Ontario Lawmaker Addresses Legislature in Anishininiimowin

A First Nations lawmaker in Ontario, Canada, has addressed the province’s legislature in Anishininiimowin, in a move that repudiates a centuries-long colonial “war” on...
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ST Math by MIND Research Institute

Based on 20 years of neuroscientific research and the belief that every student has the potential to deeply understand and love math, ST Math® uses spatial-temporal games to present math concepts visually for students in grades pre-K–8. This patented approach leverages the brain’s innate reasoning abilities to solve math problems.

MIND Research Institute, an award-winning neuroscience and education social impact organization dedicated to ensuring that all students are mathematically equipped to solve the world’s most challenging problems, developed the mastery-based and standards-aligned ST Math to offer an equitable solution to learning through challenging puzzles, non-routine problem solving, and informative feedback. By manipulating objects in space and time, helping JiJi the penguin cross the screen, students develop strong conceptual understanding of key math skills while bypassing language barriers and other common roadblocks.

Through ST Math, MIND has proven that a game can change how students feel about math and be highly effective. Independent education research firm WestEd recently published the largest ever cross-state study evaluating a math edtech program on multiple state assessments. The results were especially significant at the 239 schools that used ST Math consistently. These high-fidelity schools outgrew similar schools in statewide rank by an average of 14 percentile points. Learn more at and

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