Spanish Media Denied Comment in Wake of School Massacre

Texas law enforcement ended a long press conference on the Robb Elementary School massacre without taking a single question from Spanish-language media. Speakers of Spanish make up around 30% of Texas’s population, and in Uvalde County, where the mass shooting took place, half of families speak a language other than English at home—largely Spanish, with Latinos making up just under 90% of the student body at the elementary school. At the first post-tragedy press conference, reporters with Spanish-language media pleaded for answers in Spanish, but despite being asked to “please” address the media in Spanish, Victor Escalon, a regional director with the Texas Department of Public Safety, walked away from the podium without responding.


  1. I think this is normal. As a law student, I have to say that it is quite dangerous in such cases to comment on something, especially as I have read a lot about like this The Crucible and have deduced many important ideas for me and law processes. I can say that soon information will appear about this case, but until all the necessary steps are taken to track down and punish the perpetrator.

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