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Demystifying Dyslexia

Often, schools under-identify multilinguals with dyslexia because they think the issue is language-based, so they don’t evaluate the student. There are places where multilingual students are overrepresented because we think we’ve given them the right kind of intervention when we actually haven’t. So, the relationship between multilingual students and special education is complicated.

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Why Saving Time Serves Students

Lesson preparation time has always been a challenge for teachers, and it’s even more burdensome for the teachers whose lesson preparation time takes place outside of their paid working hours.

Teacher time is a finite resource. Now more than ever, with staffing shortages and increased demands, it is essential that time is spent on things that only teachers can do—making meaningful learning interventions with students. Off2Class helps empower teachers to spend less time preparing for lessons and more time with their students with their ESL teacher tool kit, which saves time and drives equitable English learner outcomes. Used by hundreds of thousands of teachers in US districts from coast to coast and in over 120 countries, Off2Class offers a vast library of ready-to-teach lessons, homework, assessments, and a powerful placement test that provides individualized learning plans. Last year, an in-house survey found that teachers using the tools saved an average of 30 minutes of preparation time per lesson, 12.5 hours per week.

To empower teachers Off2Class builds its tools carefully, ensuring that any resource is:
Teacher guided—Students acquire second languages most effectively when guided by teachers. Tools should empower, not replace, teachers.

Digital first—Screens are the status quo for the modern student. Content needs to be built for the hybrid model of schooling. All resources are built digital first, allowing teachers to easily evaluate students and swiftly choose lessons that address students’ needs.
Preprepared but adaptable content—Teachers need support in preparation but the freedom to adapt to the needs of the student. Within the Off2Class classroom, a host of tools allows teachers to adapt the content in real time, based on how their students are responding to the content.

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