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Two Teams Share $7M Adult Literacy XPRIZE

Learning Upgrade's App XPRIZE, in partnership with the Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy and the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, has announced two grand prize winners of the Adult Literacy XPRIZE, a multi-year, multi-phase competition focused on transforming the lives of low-literate adults across the nation.

Fun Way for Adults to Learn Words

Vocabulary Systems, Inc. has launched Vocab Victor, a word learning app to help English language learners improve their vocabulary by playing games on their smartphones or tablets. Targeted at adult learners, such as college students, it builds on the students’ existing vocabulary, teaching new words as it strengthens knowledge of existing words. The games are designed to promote native-like...

Adult Education and Family Literacy Week

National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week was celebrated September 24-30, 2017.  National Adult Education and Family Literacy Week raises public awareness about the need and value of adult education and family literacy in order to leverage resources to support access to basic education programs for the 36 million U.S. adults with low literacy skills. Advocates across the country use this opportunity...
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