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Ivannia Soto was an exemplary scholar-practitioner. Her scholarly contributions are impressive and include 14 published books, but perhaps even more impressive was her dedication...

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Fun Way for Adults to Learn Words

Vocabulary Systems, Inc. has launched Vocab Victor, a word learning app to help English language learners improve their vocabulary by playing games on their smartphones or tablets. Targeted at adult learners, such as college students, it builds on the students’ existing vocabulary, teaching new words as it strengthens knowledge of existing words. The games are designed to promote native-like word knowledge.

By teaching different types of word knowledge (such as synonyms, collocations, and type-of relationships), Victor’s games provide multiple paths for students to learn and remember words. Victor is intended to supplement other homework activities. By integrating engaging and fun word games into the curriculum, students practice longer and progress faster, allowing teachers to make more productive use of classroom time. Included are three full games, each with colorful graphics and its own musical sound track:

Word Strike is a meaning matching game. Students must pick the arrow word with the closest meaning to the word on the target. Sometimes the words are synonyms. Students may see the same word in different games with different matches. 

Word Find is a word search puzzle game. Students must find the words hidden in the puzzle; this helps them to focus on how the word is spelled. 

Word Drop is a sorting game; students must choose the correct mailbox for the word on the letter. This game teaches word meanings and also collocations–words which are found together in the same sentence. 

“A good vocabulary is foundational to language learning,” says Vocabulary Systems CEO and founder Heidi Brumbaugh. “In the past, language instruction had a strong emphasis on grammar. However, for the new speaker, it is far easier to get across your idea if you have strong vocabulary and poor grammar, than if you have perfect grammar but a poor vocabulary.”

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