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Opera for Educators

LA Opera has experts in languages, music, and history, ready to work with educators to integrate opera into classrooms. The program which runs from...

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Libros In Español

Libros In Español is a new online bookstore for Spanish-Language titles in the U.S. to connect authors and readers. Its mission is to bring improved access to the best books in Spanish for readers across the U.S. The company was started by Filipe Silva, who formerly directed Spanish-Language Sales for Penguin Random House. is a selling platform where readers can now purchase curated best-selling selections (from authors such as Isabel Allende, Paulo Coelho, Mario Vargas LLosa, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Arturo Perez-Reverte, Julia Navarro and E.L. James) of Spanish-language books in one place, and offers a backlist selection, with more content being added every day. 

Customers can connect via online social media pages through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and a monthly newsletter that offers the best selection of forthcoming Spanish-Language titles available in the US. Free shipping on orders of $25+ 

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