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Sharing Study Abroad

The recent college admissions scandal has focused much of the nation on the competition for places at top U.S. universities, and the extreme measures that seemingly rational people will take to secure an advantage for their children have shocked many of us. However, in some parts of the world, the revelations are...

Dual Language Italian Style

Pupils (14-18) in school classroom
Ross Nelhams explores the benefits and challenges of teaching a class of Italian first graders in English, and asks what we can learn from them In countries as varied as Canada, Brazil and Spain, the popularity of bilingual (dual-language) elementary schools has seen a notable increase in recent years, but there is a widespread lack of understanding as to the...

Texas Protects Dual Language Education

Texas has been an advocate for dual language education since 1973 when former Governor Dolph Briscoe signed into law the Bilingual Education and Training Act, which abolished the English-only teaching requirement imposed in 1918. This April, Texas Senator José Rodríguez's Senate Bill 159, which will help maintain and expand cutting-edge dual-language education in schools across the state, including programs in...
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