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Competition Launches Magical Stories and Virtual Reality Immersion

Last month, over 320 people (on Zoom and YouTube) took part in the 2021 LaunchPad, a Shark Tank-style language education technology competition sponsored by The Language Flagship Technology Innovation Center at the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa. A group of judges, including Language Magazine editor Daniel Ward, selected FabuLingua as the 2021 LaunchPad winner. FabuLingua helps kids learn languages through...

Telling Stories

Stephen Krashen on what to do and what not to do when reading aloud Thanks in large part to the success of Jim Trealease’s Read-Aloud Handbook, now in its 7th edition, reading aloud has become a popular activity. According to Scholastic’s 2015 Kids and Family Reading Report, over 75% of American children age five and younger are read to at...

Stories Bring It Home

Kate Nguyen and Nile Stanley research resilience in language learners and its relationship to storytelling International students who study a second language abroad may experience more adjustment problems than their domestic peers (Narra-Tumma & Claudius, 2013). The challenges they face can include problems with immigration/visa status, separation from family, limited financial resources, isolation due to difficulty speaking a new language...
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