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Wales Government Aims to Increase Welsh Speakers to 1 million

Flying Wales Flag
The Welsh government has announced a new, ambitious plan to almost double the amount of Welsh speakers in the country. The declaration follows the 2011 census, which showed a drop in the number of speakers in Wales from 21.7 percent to...

$2m for Welsh Language Centers

    The Welsh government is taking action to curb the disappearance of the Welsh language. According to the 2011 census, only 19% of Welsh people can speak the language, down from 21% in 2001, revealing a decline in the number of Welsh speakers throughout the country. The government aims to bolster Welch language learning with £1.25 million ($2 million), which...

£1.6m Boost for the Welsh Language

The Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones has announced plans to strengthen the Welsh language over the next two years. A total of 1.6 million pounds is to be spent on measures to promote and maintain the language, including support for Welsh language businesses and a pilot scheme to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) provide services in Welsh. The plans...
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