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In Memoriam: Ivannia Soto

Ivannia Soto was an exemplary scholar-practitioner. Her scholarly contributions are impressive and include 14 published books, but perhaps even more impressive was her dedication...

Opera for Educators

Celebrate Mother Language Day

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July 2011

Blurring Subject Borders

July 2011 Cover

Most of us have a tendency to compartmentalize whatever we can — slotting information, knowledge, experiences into a defined category makes it easier for us to cope with new information. However, we learn that if we over-simplify we will eventually need to reassess our classifications.

In this issue, James J. Lyons argues that multilingualism should be at the core of federal education policy as domestic demographics and international realities make a coherent and thoughtful national policy on second language learners and multilingualism more important than ever before. More


Reaching for the Skype
Caroline Martin sees how internet-based communications are revolutionizing the language classroom

The Elephant in the Education Policy Boardroom
James J. Lyons argues that multilingualism should be the centerpiece of federal education policy

Thousands of Words
Kate Sommers-Dawes tells the truth about Mexico’s warm welcome in pictures

Spanish Immersion Ideas in Mexico

From Paris to Dakar
How will the Arab Spring and Africa’s development affect French’s position in the world?

French Immersion Options in France

French Schools in Québec

Beat the Recession: Teach Abroad
Nicholas Ferdinandt suggests English teachers look abroad for short-term teaching employment that will not only be the experience of a lifetime but could also be just what your resume needs

Last Writes
Richard Lederer with a hidden Shakespeare

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