April 2015

    April 2015 Cover

    Cutting to the Common Core
    Constructive Conversations

    Constance Dziombak finds that quality academic conversations help ELLs to clarify and express their arguments

    Audio Dissection
    Seventeen-year-old Akshay Swaminathan shares his technique to improve world-language comprehension

    Harnessing the Power of a Teacher’s Pen
    Kelly Boswell argues that teachers should share their creative writing processes to benefit their students

    Using Hands-On Manipulatives
    Jennifer Nash recommends the tactile approach to motivating students to read and write

    Closing English Language Learner Gaps Early
    Benjamin Heuston and Haya Shamir of the Waterford Institute examine how adaptive learning software makes the curriculum effective for English language learners worldwide

    ‘The Single Greatest Educational Effort in Human History’
    Judy Heflin charts the success of Mao’s Chinese literacy program

    Mandarin More Than Ever
    There’s never been a better time to study in China

    Last Writes Richard Lederer celebrates Dr. Johnson’s path-breaking dictionary

    Reviews Jobshop Source and more.