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Bridging the Gap with Lindie Lou

The Lindie Lou Adventure Series books are charming, educational chapter books written at a second-grade reading level by author Jeanne Bender. Used in schools and libraries nationwide, the series helps readers bridge the gap and gain stamina between early chapter books and middle-grade novels. It is recognized by Follett School Solutions online ordering system, Titlewave, as a “safe” choice for schools and libraries. Bender’s intention is to provide education and excitement for readers. She aims to inspire children to pursue their passion for literature and a desire to “continue reading.” She incorporates life lessons and factful information in her books, all while providing crucial methods for developing reading skills.

The books contain short chapters and color illustrations and are 150–280 pages. They each take place at a different time of the year and in a different city. This allows readers to learn about seasons, environments, and basic geography. Three clues are given at the end of each book, which ignite curiosity and teach readers how to piece together information and problem solve.

The Lindie Lou Adventure Series endorses topics ranging from social studies and science to arts and music. There are countless creative fonts and charming color illustrations, which make turning every page entertaining and intriguing.

This series is used by young gifted readers, as well as English learners, high-low, dyslexic, and emergent readers. It is available from all major distributors including Follett, Ingram, and Baker & Taylor.

Jeanne Bender is passionate about providing interesting, forward-thinking books for everyone. Her priority is to cultivate stories with terminology that can be both challenging and familiar. Her audience is impressively divided between male and female readers, with approximately 60% of her readers being boys. “It is delightfully challenging to entice boys to read books,” says Bender, “something I constantly have in the back of my mind when I write. Lindie Lou is a perfect choice for this challenge. She is a lovable and resourceful main character and a role model for all who read about her adventures.”

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