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Demystifying Dyslexia

Often, schools under-identify multilinguals with dyslexia because they think the issue is language-based, so they don’t evaluate the student. There are places where multilingual students are overrepresented because we think we’ve given them the right kind of intervention when we actually haven’t. So, the relationship between multilingual students and special education is complicated.

Make a Plan for Oracy

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Bilingual and Dual-Language Teacher Preparation Programs

During this period of massive teacher shortages, it is essential that we train more qualified educators with the right courses rather than resort to underqualified candidates out of desperation, so Language Magazine is sharing information on some of the best programs available. State funding for these programs will be covered in this issue

► University of Delaware
Program Title: 4+1 MA in childhood education in languages, literatures and cultures (with elementary teacher education or early childhood education BS)
Format: Campus
Length: Five years
Credit Hours: 150–153
Specializations: Unique interdisciplinary 4+1 program, emphasis on pedagogy, language and culture

► Georgia State University
Program Title: MEd in elementary education, dual-immersion concentration
Format: Online
Length: Depends on number of credits taken per semester
Credit hours: 36
Specializations: Dual-immersion concentration

► DePaul University
Program Title: Bilingual-bicultural education master’s degree
Format: Online/campus/hybrid
Length: Twelve courses
Credit hours: 48 quarter hours (not semesters)
Specializations: First master’s in Midwest in bilingual-bicultural education; ESL and/or bilingual endorsements included; pre-K–12 and adult focus
Program Title: Early childhood education BS with required bilingual education minor
Format: Online/campus/hybrid
Length: Four-year undergraduate degree
Credit hours: 138 quarter hours (not semesters)
Specializations: BS degree with professional education license and ESL and/or bilingual endorsement

Program Title: ESL and/or bilingual endorsement
Format: Online/campus/hybrid
Length: Seven or eight courses
Credit hours: 28 or 32 quarter hours (not semesters)
Specializations: ESL and/or bilingual endorsement

► University of IOWA
Program Title: ESL endorsement, with dual language education specialization
Format: Hybrid
Length: One year
Credit hours: 15
Specializations: Dual language education

► Kean University, NJ
Program Title: Bilingual/bicultural education (MA)
Format: In person, union, NJ campus
Length: Six–six semesters
Credit hours: 33 credits
Specializations: MA in instruction and curriculum—bilingual/bicultural education option is designed to prepare certified teachers (P3, K–6, K–6/5–8, K–12) for work in bilingual settings

► University of Minnesota—Twin Cities
Dual Language and Immersion (DLI) Program Title: Licensure and MEd Program in the College of Education and Human Development
Format: Hybrid
Length: Six semesters (two years)
Credit hours: 36 credits
Specializations: Elementary teacher preparation focused on DLI methodologies and strategies

Program Title: Graduate certificate in dual language and immersion (DLI) education
Format: Online
Length: Five semesters
Credit hours: 15 credits
Specializations: In-service program focused on DLI-specific knowledge and pedagogical skills

Program Title: MEd in language immersion education
Format: Hybrid
Length: Three–four years (part time)
Credit hours: 30 credits
Specializations: In-service program coupled with DLI certificate for practicing DLI teachers

► University of Rhode Island—College of Education and Professional Studies
Program Title: MA in TESOL/bilingual and dual language immersion
Format: Online (asynchronous with an in-person internship requirement)
Length: Depends on the student but possible to complete in 15 months
Credit hours: 30, reduced tuition compared to regular graduate programs
Specializations: AAQEP-accredited online MA in TESOL/BDL that leads to teacher certification

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