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China: Spanish for a New Approach to Globalization

Luis García Montero, director of the Instituto Cervantes, recently visited China to sign several academic agreements with the superpower’s educational organizations of the Asian...
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Free Resources in English and Spanish for U.S. Census Bureau’s Statistics in Schools Week

Statistics in Schools (SIS) Week, which will take place March 2-6, is a program of the U.S. Census Bureau designed to educate students about the importance of the Census. The Census Bureau has called upon teachers to help promote the program, even collaborating with them to design a week’s worth of in-class activities for students. The Bureau has also asked teachers to distribute a take-home flyer to students on the last day of SIS Week. The flyer, available in English and 12 additional languages, explains to parents the importance of participating in the Census.

Materials for SIS Week activities are appropriate for use with grades pre-K through 12 and are available in both English and Spanish. There are also materials designed specifically for ELLs and adult ESL learners. All materials are free, customizable, and can be integrated into existing lesson plans. For more information about SIS Week, visit

To access pre-K materials, visit

To access K-12 materials, visit

To access ELL/ESL materials, visit

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