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Alternativas – Spanish Study Abroad

Language Magazine offers an eclectic collection of Spanish immersion schools for the more adventurous student

Instituto Superior de Español (Ecuador)

At Instituto Superior de Español (ISE), they believe passionately that to learn Spanish it’s not enough to simply attend classes.

For more than 31 years, they have been teaching people of all ages and running a school unlike any other—one which offers Spanish immersion programs so people from all over the world can enjoy every second of their learning experience. Whether it be through individual or group Spanish classes, specialist career focused sessions, or extra-curricular activities, everything is done with development in mind.

Weekly cooking classes in Quito and Otavalo cover local delicacies, while complimentary salsa lessons in Quito connect students with the culture they love. In this way, students learn vital language skills while making a new home.

The ISE team consists of university graduates in language and education who have a passion for helping every student fulfill their potential. Classes are held in Quito, Otavalo, at an ecolodge in the Amazon Jungle, and even on the Galapagos Islands. And with the innovative Traveling Classroom program that allows anyone to learn, travel, and immerse themselves in local culture, ISE is proud to offer a learning environment unlike any other.

Morpho Spanish School (Costa Rica)

Morpho is a small language school located in the town of Orosi—in one of the most beautiful valleys of Costa Rica—which offers students the opportunity to learn Spanish using simple yet effective methods while immersing themselves in the culture, with traditional food and cozy conversations when they choose the home-stay option.

Working with all levels and all ages, the classroom is part of the owner’s house and materials are created in-house. Rates are affordable for a truly personal experience. Children enjoy the courses, which combine learning and fun field trips like fossil hunts and visits to local farms. Adults also enjoy the chance to talk to the farmers and learn about agricultural culture.

The kindness of the host families, the warmth of the people who live in Orosi, and the joy that comes from seeing students succeed help make Morpho unique.

Perfect Sunset School (Costa Rica)

Perfect Sunset School is located in the stunning Playa Hermosa by Santa Teresa Beach, in Costa Rica, so students learn Spanish with the sound of waves gently lapping on the shore and the sea breeze surrounding them.

This is in the area of Nicoya, one of the five famous Blue Zones of the planet, areas where people live longer, better, and healthier lives.

Costa Rica is a small paradise with friendly people who speak a very flat Spanish, which is said to be easier to learn and very comprehensible in other Spanish-speaking countries.

The school uses an interactive method, combining the communication process with grammar integrated into the communication itself, so students are involved in the language from the word go.

Teaching is practical and enjoyable, using the “less is more” approach with groups no larger than four students, enabling student-centered learning and personalized lessons.

While at the school, students have the opportunity to not only study a second language but also share experiences with teachers and instructors—all are Spanish native speakers and come from this Blue Zone in Nicoya.

Students also live the immersion experience while sharing with locals, who are happy to help students practice the language. They are very social and value their traditions; for example; they take the time to go and visit each other, they hold long-lasting conversations, and they share experiences.

Perfect Sunset is also a retreat to practice extra activities while learning. Costa Rica iѕ home tо some of the best surfing in thе world, and the school has outstanding surf instructors and offers free diving as well.

The Playa Hermosa area has some of the most consistent surfing waves and warm waters to practice free diving. With itѕ wide topography аnd coastal winds, thеrе аrе waves fоr еvеrу surfer.

The ocean’s warm year-round, so students can pick uр a board аnd hit thе waves whenever they want—from world-class breaks for experienced surfers to beginner-friendly bumps.
There’s even yoga to reduce anxiety and stress while helping relax the central nervous system. The school’s instructors help students get stronger joints, control breathing consciously and properly, and build a wonderful feeling of happiness. Yoga also increases oxygenation of the blood through breathing methods and exercise.

To complete mental and spiritual harmony and get students ready for learning, music is another ingredient. Music is the soul’s language, so the school provides interesting and original ways of enjoying and learning music. Using this method, students are able to understand and play a musical instrument without any memorization.

Perfect Sunset School offers the complete learning experience, taking the advantages of spending time at the beach and retreating to improve quality of life.

Español en Panama EPA (Panama)

EPA! Español en Panama is located in Panama City just minutes away from the ocean, where students can exercise and cycle to the old town or just visit many of the beautiful neighborhoods of Panama City. The city is one of the safest in Latin America and is full of people from all over the world, mostly Latin people. It is very modern but at the same time one can be in the rainforest in just ten minutes. Students come for one week or two weeks up to 24 weeks at a time. Besides the students from all over the world, there are international students who have moved to Panama and are learning the Spanish language.

The school is very academically oriented, and this is one of the reasons it is a Cervantes-accredited school that follows the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Groups are very small and personalized, with teachers from Panama and other Latin countries who are well prepared to teach Spanish using the communicative approach. Students can choose from multiple activities in the afternoons and at weekends, including visits to the islands and beaches in the Caribbean and Pacific oceans, rainforest hikes, eating typical cuisine, salsa lessons, visits to Indigenous communities, the Panama Canal museum and transit, and plenty of evening activities enjoying Panama City’s vibrant nightlife.

Universidad Autónoma De Nayarit (Mexico)

Why study in Nayarit? Nayarit is a relatively wealthy state with origins based in the cultures of the Nayeeri and the Wixárika in western Mexico, bathed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean and surrounded by the mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental.

Tepic, the state capital, is a colonial city that surprises students while they fall in love with it. From here, it’s easy to visit the state’s many tourist destinations, as well as those in the neighboring states of Jalisco, Sinaloa, Colima, and Durango.

The Universidad Autónoma de Nayarit (UAN) is the main public higher education institution of Nayarit. The Coordinación de Asuntos Internacionales CAI is the part of UAN that offers training in languages and international mobility.

The objective of the Spanish for Foreigners Program (Programa de Español para Extranjeros—PREX) is to teach Spanish as a foreign language to non-Spanish speakers and to gauge their progress in communicative competence according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

PREX integrates teaching with short cultural and touristic trips around the state, enabling students to practice the language and engage with locals.

Inhispania Madrid (Spain)

Inhispania is an Instituto Cervantes- accredited center located in one of the best areas of Madrid, Spain’s capital. The school focuses 100% on teaching Spanish as a foreign language and hosts more than 1,200 students every year.

As well as its excellent facilities, the school is known for its teaching quality. With its student-centered approach, everything is geared to motivate students to achieve the best results.

Inhispania offers a wide range of programs year-round for all levels, including:

  • Super-Intensive Spanish Program, 30 classes a week
  • Intensive Spanish Program, 20 classes a week
  • Private Spanish classes
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