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Back-to-School Guide Designed to Help Teachers Support SEL

Free, downloadable guide provides SEL activities and resources for students, educators, and families

Aperture Education has released a 2021 Back-to-School Guide designed to help teachers and administrators support students and families as schools resume. The Guide contains SEL information, resources, lessons, and activities that can be used to help teachers and students manage stress, strengthen SEL skills, and support student engagement.

“As we head into a new school year focused on learning recovery and acceleration—and hopefully returning to a sense of normal, we need all hands on deck to support students,” said Aperture Education CEO Jessica Adamson. “The resources in our Back-to-School Guide will help district leaders, teachers, and parents as they work together to support students’ wellbeing as school resumes.”

Resources and tips in the Guide include:

  • Strengthening Students’ Resilience
  • Getting Teachers and Students Back On-Track in 2021–22 with SEL
  • 6 Ways to Build Strong Teacher-Student Relationships with SEL
  • Reduce Chronic Absenteeism with SEL
  • Manage Your Stress This Year With SEL
  • Manage Your Students’ Stress This Year With SEL
  • 10 Social and Emotional Learning Activities for Grades K–8
  • 10 Social and Emotional Learning Activities for Grades 9–12
  • Seen and Heard: 4 Examples of How to Incorporate Student Voice, Choice, and SEL
  • Supporting Schools, Educators, and Staff
  • Revitalize Student Engagement with an Inclusive, Supportive School Culture
  • 8 Tips for Leading Highly Effective SEL Professional Development
  • SEL Funding: Using CARES Act and The American Rescue Plan Funding for SEL
  • Helping Families Build SEL at Home, including an SEL FAQ letter schools can share with parents SEL Resources for Families

The guide is broken into three sections: “Strengthening Students’ Resilience,” “Supporting Schools, Educators and Staff,” and “Helping Families Build SEL at Home” to help users easily find the types of resources they need depending on their role in the school or district.

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