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Tour Operator Offers Lesson Plan for High School Spanish

Designed to engage students, Perdido en Madrid (Lost in Madrid) is a new, free web series for the classroom that presents key grammatical concepts in a funny, relatable format and also offers a look at Spain’s capital city. Filmed on location in Madrid and produced by ACIS Educational Tours, this two-part video series brings language learning to life with the story of U.S. college student Brandon (Pablo Sandstrom), who arrives in Madrid and finds himself lost, until friendly local Cristina (Alejandra García) helps him with directions. This small gesture of goodwill becomes a friendship, and together Brandon and Cristina explore the city’s historic and cultural sites. Each episode and accompanying exercise packet is designed to put critical Spanish-language skills into practice, through listening, reading comprehension, and dialogue creation. Review topics include present- and preterite-tense grammar, foods and flavors, common expressions, and key periods of Spain’s history. Interested teachers can download the full lesson plan at ACIS Educational Tours partnered with Apertura Productions in Spain to create a beautifully shot celebration of Madrid that immerses students in Spanish culture, no matter where their classroom is located.

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