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A Comprehensible Input Curriculum

The comprehensible input (CI) equation seems simple: take compelling comprehensible input, deliver it in repeated interactions and different contexts, and you have language acquisition and proficiency growth. However, many language teachers do not have quick access to the aforementioned compelling comprehensible input to deliver in repeated interactions and different contexts, nor the time or expertise to create it, so Voces Digital has created online Spanish and French curricula that have everything a language teacher needs to implement CI strategies. Each title starts with high-frequency structures (the input); those structures are then incorporated into stories (which are compelling); and then students interact with those structures through activities, games, videos, and other content (providing repeated interactions in different contexts).

Of course, language is not the only thing that language teachers are teaching; there is also the culture of the people who speak the language. Voces Digital infuses each curriculum with culture—exploring the products, practices, and perspectives of the individuals who speak the language. In doing this, the curriculum pushes back the classroom walls and shows students how their lives compare to those of people living in France, Venezuela, Haiti, Mexico, and elsewhere.

All of the cultural material is guided by AP® themes, which go beyond the topical and typical. For a free trial, visit

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